My creative space - work in progress

Just some spotlight, few shoots from packaging making for Matryoshkas...
Everything begins from paper cutting...
Making packaging for Matryoshkas
Some ink...
Making packaging for Matryoshkas
Making packaging for Matryoshkas
Making packaging for Matryoshkas
making packaging for Matryoshkas
Voilá! :)
This week I received my Gocco printer and I bought a sewing mashine, new projects are waiting!

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My creative space - work in progress

New designs. I made a ring, a brooch and a pair of earrings playing with clay and scissors. I'm curoius about the final result.
new designs
There were few holidays this week and we went to the beach. We had good luck with weather, it was sunny and not windy.
new pebbles
I glazed, glazed and glazed Matryoshkas, leaves, leaves and Matryoshkas...:) They will be red, blue indigo, white, green, black...I hope I could fire them on next monday.
Glazed, ready for firing
I found these leaves when I went out from pilates today. Aren't they beautiful! Such rich colour!
beautiful colors
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My creative space - work in progress

Preparing more boxes. Now I'm ready for a lot of orders :)
A lil bit more order in my workplace!
my work place
A mug of hot tea is very effective warmer! :)
a mug of hot chai!
My first ceramic jewelry! I'm so excited!
Grey ones are ready for the first firing and white ones have been fired once and now are wating for glazing!
ready for glazing and to go to kiln
Lovely Matryoshkas are waiting for their colorful glaze-dress :)
Matryoshkas are waiting for glazing
My fuel! :) M&M's for everybody!!! :P
m&m's and tea rock!
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Black Sale in my shop on Etsy!

Black sale in my shop is already began!
Get 15% discount if you are a new client and 20% off if you are a returning client between NOV 26-29!
Try new coupon system entering NEWCLIENT or BACK4MORE in coupon window when check-out. Discount will be automatically applied!
Happy shopping!

Rebaixes a la meva botiga a Etsy ja han començat!
Disfruta d'un 15% decompte si ets un client nou i d'un 20% de descompte si ets un client repetidor entre 26 i 29 de Novembre!
Prova un nou sistema de cupons a Etsy. Intodueix NEWCLIENT o BACK4MORE a la finestreta de cupons a l'hora de fer la compra. El descompte s'aplicarà automàticament!
Gaudeix del teu shopping!

Pebbles and ships composition


My creative space

Finally I mooved my studio in another more spacefull room, with more air and light!
Sometimes dreams come true ...:)
Mooved to another room
There is everything necessary for life: an igloo, a big window, a big table and internet!hehe...:D
Adorable Old ink girl by Munieca on my working table
Munieca's Old Ink girl illustration
Polishing a brooch
Polishing a brooch
and polishing Green leaves ear studs
Polishing leaf ear studs
Mounting rubber cyrillic alphabet
Mounting rubber stamps
Mounting rubber stamps
Preparing package
Preparing package
I love this ethnic Christmas paper!
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Rainy days

It was raining yesterday.
Rain in Portocolom.
Rain in Portocolom
I love rain and especially - magic rainbow moments...
rainbow after rain
The sky became clear and blue after rain..
sky after rain
I could take photos in the evening. My cat was very helpful...as usual :)
new pebble rings



These autumn mornings are wonderful.
Dew is everywhere...
I enjoyed as a child taking photos...
And actually I have choosen this photo for the new banner in my shop
But I didn't expect I had spectators! :)
Our dog Drujóc and the mommy-cat without name were enjoying the morning sun :)
This is love....:)
Good morning!


1000 hearts - 1000 thanks

More than 1000 people hearted my Etsy Shop. I'm honored. Thank you guys!


Orange friday

This is what I found today morning when I opened the door...
I felt myself as an indian goddes in a buddist temple...
This plant is so generous....
My cat Christopher, who was lovingly made by Marcia from ToutouRouge for me, is so happy with all these orangeness...
My cat Christopher
My cat Christopher
We feel orange, we are happy!


My creative space - work in progress

This week I treated myself with new colours!
new colours
We went to the beach. The sea was pretty playful...so beautiful, inspiring, amazing....
amazing landcape
I found some absolutely precious pebbles
looking for pebbles
washing pebbles
Beside the pebbles, I spent some time making pieces for my Pink Ohh..! Collection and painting boxes.
painting boxes
So...what do you think about the same ring in new colours? ;)
this ring in new colours
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My creative space - work in progress

Sand from different beaches
Mixing the sand
Choosing pebbles for new rings
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