I saw the Craft Fair promotional posters in the town and I thought: why not?! The Craft fair will be in my town, I have to use the chance and try! I was excited!
It was like a big mess in my head. I had just few days before the fair and the travel to Barcelona in the middle. My son was sick and didn't go to the kindergarden one day, I was just collapsed.
I made a list of things to do. And tryed to imagine how my stand will look like.
I want to say a huge thank to Mitsy from Artmind . She helped me a ton with her articles related with craft fairs!
She shared this with me:
If you need any help or want to read some research I did when I went on my first fair:

And Nanouke told me how to make fab eco bags for the fair.

And some more tuto's on packaging and displaying:

I felt I'm not alone and It was very important for me!
I made more staff. I made business cards. I thought about packaging and presentation. I made photoholders and I printed big photos of my jewels. I thought that people walk and do not set with nothing, I have to help them to discover my product! I made a mistake: photos were too big or photoholders were too small - with a lil bit of wind all the pictures were down. It was the first lesson. But I used photoholders as a businesscard holders and they looked very cool.
It was a sunny day, wonderful weather. People began to come. And I had my first sale. It was so easy. She just came, just saw my staff, and just bought a ring! It was so strange! You know, in internet: you have to take pictures, than edit pictures, than list the item, invent the description and may be translate it in few languages, and than - promote your work.... and here she just came and just bought it! I felt myself really strange and I was encouraged at the same time! I thought: Now people will come and will buy ALL my staff! :D
But things went by another way. It began to rain. Just a silly grey cloud situated over our heads and began to rain!!!! Rain in this splendid sunny day?! I was NOT ready for that! I took thousand things with me, but I WAS NOT READY FOR THE RAIN!!!
Oh NO!
I had a very good luck to have my guardian angels to the left and to the right hand side - my neighbours!
They HELPED me. They gave me a plastic to cover my stand and metallic clothespins to subject it.
My stand was a little bit wet, but covered with plastic and saved from the rain!
I felt myself anguished. I was ready to take everythig and go home. Bad weather, everything wet, no clients, no craft fair...But hope inside me whispered to wait untill this silly cloud go away. And it went away!
I removed the plastic and rebuilt my stand. It was not like in the morning, photos were wet and I removed them from the stand. People began to come slowly. You know, Mallorca is a quiet island, I live in relatively small town and nobody is harry up. ;)
My daughter Rita helped me a lot as well. She also spoked with people, explaned them about my collections and gave them my business cards. She was so pretty :) She is My "PR manager" :D
It was very exciting to see women trying my jewels and to see how they are wonderful in it. I liked very much to have direct contact with the client.
I noticed that my stand maybe was not organized in the best way. I think people were looking and were seeing nothing. The table was full but it was difficult to SEE my jewels. I understood I have to reconsider my stand. It's easy to show a big photo in internet and it is not easy to make your potential client and your small creation find each other on the craft fair stand. There is a way to do and a lot of things to learn.

But as a first experience it was nice and I sold few pieces, I learned a lot of things. I felt myself satisfied.
I had some occasional clients, I had 1 client who saw my photos in facebook, and some friends came to give me support. I drawed a conclusion: you can meet your buyers in any place, so don't resist they find you! :)

P.S: I encourage crafters to participate in craft fairs. It is a great experience and It is the best oportunity for sales, to advertise you, to find your clients and to have a direct contact with them!


Barcelona and St. Jordi

I live on Mallorca (Majorca) island, situated in Mediterranean sea, in approx. 400km from Barcelona by the sea. I needed to go to Russian consulate in Barcelona and I decided to spend one day more there because I was curious to know how is celebrating Saint Jordi (St. George) there on the 23rd of April. St.Jordi is a patron saint of Catalonia. The legend says: Sain George killed the Dragon. Dragon's blood penetrated the earth and in this place red-red roses grew up.


So the Catalonian tradition is: men present a red rose to women and women present a book to men.


I was accompanied by roses smell and a lot of books during all the day!
I love Barcelona! It's a cosmopolite city, with great creativity. Ancient history and new ideas always flow there, you feel it in every moment. I love just walk in the down town, or Raval neighbourhood and go to the port. If you go to Barcelona you'll find plenty of expos and places where to go, and where to eat.


This time I went to Textile and Ceramic museum - I love ceramic and in this museum I discovered Maria Bofill ceramic artist - her porcelain clouds are wonderful!
Also I visited Outumuro fashion photograthy exposition. His work is amazing!
I was looking his photos and I was asking myself: What do they have this pieces of white paper with black lines and silhouettes? Why they turn me crazy?


I was very happy with my discoveris, but I had en empty stomack, I needed to eat.


If you want to taste an authentic Catalan food I recommend to you restaurants Origens. If you are vegetarian, go to Self Naturista restaurant, is a great place situated just in 2 minutes walking from Plaça Catalunya - the heart of the city. They have a great variety and quality of food by low prices.

In the afternoon I returned to Mallorca accompanied by an amazing sunset. Bye bye, Adéu, Barcelona! And Hola, Mallorca! :)


On the 24th of April my VERY FIRST CRAFT FAIR was waiting for me....but I'll blog about it later ;)


Bracelet of the day

Bracelet of the day
Bracelet of the day


Giveaway's winner!

The winner of my Giveaway, which was posted in Etsy Moms Blog, is Jennifer from Lavender Avenue 

Congrats, Jennifer! I hope you'll enjoy it! :)


When the client is happy

I'm so excited, I must share it with you! My first client on Etsy already received her purchase from my Etsy Shop - Ring Sheaf and Ring Branch. I was really nervious waiting for her message: will she like it? maybe not?...crazy 10 days of wait :)
Today I received her message and she wrote exactly the next:
"Hey -
I just wanted to let you know that I received my rings in the mail 2 days ago. They are perfect!! I will leave you excellent feedback because this transaction was perfect!! Good luck with your etsy in the future...I know that you'll do great because your products are amazing!! I promise to be a repeat customer!!
Thanks again,

I began to jump when I read it! Woohooo! She makes me happy!!!!

Ring Sheaf

"This is my favorite ring of all time!!! It is gorgeous and exactly what I wanted!! Thank you LAccentNou!! A+++"

Ring Branch

"Gorgeous ring...made perfectly!! I will definately buy from LAccentNou again..."


NOW, I can breath! I smile! I'm happy! It encourage me to go ahead!
Thank you!!!!


"This Is the House That Jack Built"

Oh yeah! My babies already have a showcase-house!!! Hoooray!
blie line collection new house
ohh..! collection new house
storage showcase


In my studio

This is a place where I create. I cleaned it up! :)
in my studio
in my studio


Button challenge

Everytime I go to the supermarket I don't remeber all the things I have to buy. I need to write down the list of things, than my shopping is more fast and effective. I understood: It would be great to have a magnet - clip on the fridge to hang my shopping list on.
Petronella Button challenge was a great oportunity to use my handmade buttons I made a couple of months ago!
So, I rised to the challenge!

magnets clothespins