Barcelona and St. Jordi

I live on Mallorca (Majorca) island, situated in Mediterranean sea, in approx. 400km from Barcelona by the sea. I needed to go to Russian consulate in Barcelona and I decided to spend one day more there because I was curious to know how is celebrating Saint Jordi (St. George) there on the 23rd of April. St.Jordi is a patron saint of Catalonia. The legend says: Sain George killed the Dragon. Dragon's blood penetrated the earth and in this place red-red roses grew up.


So the Catalonian tradition is: men present a red rose to women and women present a book to men.


I was accompanied by roses smell and a lot of books during all the day!
I love Barcelona! It's a cosmopolite city, with great creativity. Ancient history and new ideas always flow there, you feel it in every moment. I love just walk in the down town, or Raval neighbourhood and go to the port. If you go to Barcelona you'll find plenty of expos and places where to go, and where to eat.


This time I went to Textile and Ceramic museum - I love ceramic and in this museum I discovered Maria Bofill ceramic artist - her porcelain clouds are wonderful!
Also I visited Outumuro fashion photograthy exposition. His work is amazing!
I was looking his photos and I was asking myself: What do they have this pieces of white paper with black lines and silhouettes? Why they turn me crazy?


I was very happy with my discoveris, but I had en empty stomack, I needed to eat.


If you want to taste an authentic Catalan food I recommend to you restaurants Origens. If you are vegetarian, go to Self Naturista restaurant, is a great place situated just in 2 minutes walking from Plaça Catalunya - the heart of the city. They have a great variety and quality of food by low prices.

In the afternoon I returned to Mallorca accompanied by an amazing sunset. Bye bye, Adéu, Barcelona! And Hola, Mallorca! :)


On the 24th of April my VERY FIRST CRAFT FAIR was waiting for me....but I'll blog about it later ;)


  1. Lovely post about Barcelona!! Great city! I've never been there, but... I've been to Mallorca many years ago :)! I love islands!
    Ciao! Anna

  2. Gorgeous photos. Someday I will have to make a trip to Spain.

  3. Thank you, Jennifer! You are welcome to come to Mallorca and to my house! :)

  4. Cool! I'm jealous :) I want to go there.

  5. I would love to roam those same streets and wish that that same kind of culture surrounded me.

  6. The photo with young lovers is amazing. Congratulations to have the abbility to catch it as it is! Just perfect.

  7. I've been to Barcelona once, and I want to go back !

    The St jordi tradition is lovely, and so is your blog !

    La verdad es que puedo también escribir en español ! ;-)

    I loved your photos and collages of them... Great post !


    PS: I belong to EST on Etsy, too!

  8. Sarah, Joana Maria and Vic, thank you, gals, to drop a peek!

  9. What a fun tradition! Can't go wrong with books and roses!

    How did you do on your craft fair?

  10. I really enjoy reading about your time at Barcelona! It makes me want to go there RIGHT NOW! The pictures are beautiful! I wish I knew how to take scenic pictures like that! Great post all around! thank you for sharing!

  11. Esque, thanks for take a peek!:) You can already read how the craft fair went! ;)

    Alice, thanks for reading and for your comment! Barcelona is a wonderful city and I think it deserves you cross the ocean to visit it ;)

  12. Wonderful photographs. Nice to get to know more about different places. Thanks :)