When the client is happy

I'm so excited, I must share it with you! My first client on Etsy already received her purchase from my Etsy Shop - Ring Sheaf and Ring Branch. I was really nervious waiting for her message: will she like it? maybe not?...crazy 10 days of wait :)
Today I received her message and she wrote exactly the next:
"Hey -
I just wanted to let you know that I received my rings in the mail 2 days ago. They are perfect!! I will leave you excellent feedback because this transaction was perfect!! Good luck with your etsy in the future...I know that you'll do great because your products are amazing!! I promise to be a repeat customer!!
Thanks again,

I began to jump when I read it! Woohooo! She makes me happy!!!!

Ring Sheaf

"This is my favorite ring of all time!!! It is gorgeous and exactly what I wanted!! Thank you LAccentNou!! A+++"

Ring Branch

"Gorgeous ring...made perfectly!! I will definately buy from LAccentNou again..."


NOW, I can breath! I smile! I'm happy! It encourage me to go ahead!
Thank you!!!!


  1. congrats ! and your rings are fab indeed !

  2. Wow, beautiful feedback, big congrats! I remember so well my very first Etsy sales. I was nervously waiting for customer's feedback. Later on it applied to custom orders. And sometimes still does, funny. Keep up the good work, treat your customers well and they will no doubt come back again and again:)

  3. I always know you will get excellent feedback from your customer so I am not surprised at all! Congratulations on a great first sale and wishes you a whole lot more to come really really fast!!!

  4. Wonderful feedback - What a great customer! Congratulations!

  5. That's right - great customer! :) Thank you, Jennifer!