Something more than SWAP

Swap - a new word I learned not too much time ago.
I had my first SWAP experience with Brenda from L'Indecise - young jewelry designer, who makes beautiful jewelry with wire, polymer clay, gemstones and swarowski.
I received my SWAP lovely packed and adorned with mysterios tarot tags and elegant black ribbon! :)
Brenda made an original wire ring for me and also she gave me an amazing surprize - these adorable dark blue wire earrings! I love them! :)
This swap brought to me a lot of positive vibrations and feelings. It is very pleasant to imagine how somebody makes something thinking of you.
These jewels have a history and special meaning, energy, time, love.
Swap - is something more than swap! ;)
Ring and earrings from Lindecise

L'Indecise BLOG:
Here you can find some pictures of her creative process:


Bracelet of the day

Apple's cardigan is my bracelet of tha day!
Hi, Apple!
Apple's Cardigan
Bracelet of the day


My Etsy finds - Fnine

I discovered Fnine - young interior designer from Bucharest, Romania, who loves crochet and knitting. I find her work unusual and adorable. I like how she plays with shapes, textures and colours! Her Bean brooch was winking to me and I couldn't resist more and I bought it! Woohoo! I loooooove it!
bean brooch from fnine

fnine brooch
Visit Fnine shop to see her beautiful work and cool photos!



Woohoo! L'Accent Nou have been featured in EtsyMoms blog in Marvelous Mom Weekly. Thank you, girls!