Hoera! Amsterdam!

I was writing this travelling on the plane from Amsterdam to Palma.
I just borrowed a pencil from my neighbour and began to write. I had a lot of impressions from this trip and our Etsy meeting. I took a great decision to go to Amsterdam, to meet my Etsy friends and to participate in Sunday Market in Westerpark.
We laught a ton, shared experiences and livings, had a lot of fun togeather.
I learned some interesting things and wanted to share with you:

- Netherlands means "Low lands" - is very plane, humid and green country.

- the Name of Amsterdam airport is Schiphol.

- People from Netherlands and a lot of Belgian people speak the same language - Dutch. But don't worry if you don't understand it, almost everybody speaks English!

- Don't be shy and be ready for kisses! :) Dutch people are more generous than Spanish in this aspect, they will give you 3 kisses instead of 2! ;)
3 kisses
SweeSwiedebie, Brenda L'Indecise, Mitsy ArtMind, Greet FleurFatale

-Water and boats are things dutch people have in the blood! Cities are surrounded by water, canals and bridges are everywhere...oh..it couldn't be more romantic!

party woohoo

-Take out on the street, on the bank of the canal your table and chairs and call your friends for dinner if you want to experiment real dutch life living! And don't worry about the sunlight, at 23h it is still not dark! After 23h your carefull neighbour will give you some candles and matches, so you don't need to think about nothing!
dinner 05-06-2010
our bar
candles and matches

-You will find a plenty of fresh juices, tasty cookies, a lot of Etsians, yummy bread filled with raisins and nuts and a ton of other amazing things!

-Don't be surprized if suddenly you find yourself in a warm atmosphere among Etsians, sitting in the bar and making felted soap!

- Be ready for the hot weather and for the refreshing rain. Take your raincoat with you.

- Can you imagine how Longshort street is?
sunday morning
- Don't forget to smile and to say Dank well! :)
sweet Marta

At the end, I want to thank Marta Martice for the great organization and hospitality, Matt to be with us with the Etsy uniting and synergy power :) and Everybody to come and make this event so successfull and warm.
I go home with a wish to return back one day and ride by bike in Amsterdam!

P.S: you can see more pics from this travel here

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  1. thank you :) love your pictures! where is the dancing boat? :P

  2. Fantastic Pics, lucky you can join the girls there! And thank you for sharing these pics:)

  3. Awesome pictures, and you have experienced Amsterdam in a very good way, I lived there for 14 years it's not always like this lol :)

  4. I love your pictures - they tell the whole story themselves!!

  5. What a fantastic report on a very special day!

  6. great pictures Anastasia ! And by bike is indeed the best way to see A'dam; hubby always tells me A'dam is the best in June.

  7. Marta, hehe, the dancing boat is posted now! :D LOL

  8. Oh, you make me want to go there already!!!

  9. Fabulous story you wrote, Anastasia. It was great to meet you, hope you will enjoy your mobile! :)
    Please come to the Netherlands again and let us know!

  10. Wonderful post!
    Thank you so much for sharing!

  11. It looks like you had a wonderful time! Thanks for sharing.

  12. Nicole, I already enjoy your mobile! :) I put it in my studio and it is so special! Lucky of me! :D

  13. That last picture is so cool! :D

    I'm glad you enjoyed coming to Amsterdam and it was nice to meet you!

  14. Great post, thanks for sharing! :D

  15. Great post + pictures! the dancing boat has to be my fav photo :-)

  16. lovely to see my own country through your eyes!

  17. I love Amsterdam, it looks like you had a great time. Too bad I didn't know about this meet up before. Now I'm going to check out the European Street Team and see if I can join...Thanks.