Wood Wall Hanging With Meg Allan Cole on Etsy

Don't you love this idea? So easy and awesome!

How-Tuesday: Wood Wall Hanging With Meg Allen Cole from Etsy on Vimeo.


Natural finds

My mother came for a visit. It was a great opportunity to go out, to go to the beach and to explore the island.
cala s'almunia
cala s'almunia
Here my mother said: If paradise exists, it is here! :) I said: I think so! :)
es caló des moro
My mom and our Sagrada Família (Church of the Holy Family) :)))
Everytime I see how the sun plays with water I just would stay there forever, it hypnotise me....ohhh, amazingly beatiful!
pebbles in Cala S'Almunia
Everytime we went to the beach I returned home with some new sand or pebbles I found there.
Son Serra de Marina, Mallorca
All these natural finds inspired me to create some tribal jewelry pieces.
my natural finds
my pebbles creations
I'm very happy with them, because I feel very strong connection with the nature, they are the Nature, nothing more....


Sunday walk or Where does inspiration come from?

I love go walking with my husband and my children. We talk walking and I observe the nature, herbs and plants, pick up some dry plants for my creations. I always say that Nature is a great source of inspiration!

Our dog Drujoc is very sympatic and happy. He loves go to go walk with us!
sunday evening
Skirt by ThongbyTatong makes me flyyyyy!!! :D
sunday walk
Don't you find these herbs beautiful?
Beautiful herbs
Yummy finds!
crunchy dry red leaves...
Discovered berries! :)
my son discovered berries! Mommy, give me more! :)
cactus has a heart
Cactus has feelings as well!
Dryed poppies....fragil beauty...
the Sun goes to sleep and plays with shadows. I love this game!
Walk is finished! We arrived home. Good night!

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Matryoshkas trio pins set

New entry in my shop:
Matryoshka pins set
Matryoshka pins set
Matryoshka pins
Matryoshka pin
Matryoshka pin


Hippie mood

I love creating this kind of pieces, because each creation is unique indeed...
You can find these creations my web site or in my Etsy shop


After weeks of silence

After weeks of silence I made these black snail post earrings. Black colour...mysterious, classic, elegant...situable for everyday and for party.
Follow the spiral to discover the black - absense of colour ;)

P.S: Just wanted to say thanks to my mom for helping me in photo session.