Creativity and happiness

It was a difficult question for me Why I have to create? I was asking myself: why why why you have to do it? Will be usefull your creations? Or will you just bring more trash into the world?

De Gloria, Juncal i Charlie
I felt an impuls to create but all these questions were like a mosquito who doesn't let you sleep well.
I couldn't begin without resolve this problem. I needed a reply.
my son's artistic drawing on the wall
Artistic wall drawing

I love expositions, installations, photo exhibitions, theatre, music, cinema e t.c...
I noted that art gives me something, is like an addictive feeling, is like to eat an ice-cream, you want to repeat again and again, looking for something surprising, amazing, looking for an Ooooh!!!
artistic cake curving
Artistic cake curving

I understood it was something on the emotional level, something about to feel yourself good, more happy, full, laugh, fly, cry, feel, wake up, alive.
Rita's art
Mommy, I love you so much!

And oneday I just jumped off.
De Passeig amb na Jakelina
I was flying. I woke up, I felt myself more complete, happy.
I understood that I NEED to create. It is one element more to balance my life.
De Gloria, Juncal i Charlie
Since that moment I never stop, can't say NO to the pleasure to create! :)
De Gloria, Juncal i Charlie
P.S: Determination of ART in Wikipedia:
"Art is the process or product of deliberately arranging elements in a way to affect the senses or emotions"


  1. Dearest Anastasia, you made me cry with your wonderful post...thank you ;-) xox

  2. Whata lovely way to follow your thoughts about creativity and art:)

  3. Lovely post!
    Thank you so very much for sharing!

  4. Nice article Anastasia! Thank you for sharing your wonderful story with us! :)

    Daria / LaLa!Shoes

  5. Many people spend a lot of money to buy something that brings them happiness. Some people give up a lot of things, their family and friends, because they felt that these people did not make them happy.

    Dear Anastasia, thank you for sharing your tnoughts and honesty. You are a lucky girl that you do not have to go so far to find happiness. It is here with you. Whenever you are in touch with the arts you are in touch with a happy feeling. You have found it within you and it will stay in you forever.

    Love from Bai

  6. Thank you so much, girls, for your wonderful comments!