Your entries for Antarctida challenge!

Woohoo! We already have the first entrie!
Antarctica Ring by LeelaBijou
To prevent the Global Warming it is great to ride bikes instead of driving cars. It has a lot of advantages: in the city, you won´t be stucked in the middle of traffic jams, the only source of power it needs it´s you and it will keep you fit!"
Great! :)

Entrie number 2! Penguin dress by Yourdoll
We can stop consuming from big companies and in general consuming, we can start trade fairs with our friends, stop ironing our clothes so much , stop taking the car to go 100 meters away, dry our hair with the towel especially during the summer, keep mobile phones closed and use them only in emergency needs, tell people that use spray to stop doing it (i always say it to my mother in law she has a spray for everything), things like that can help and are simple things. spread the word and educate our children to do the same.

Entrie number 3! Ear studs Antarctica snow by Martice....I begin to feel myself frozen :)
 " Simple earrings, simple life", says Marta - she proposes simplify your life to prevent the Global warming.

Entrie number 4!
Pinback buttons by SoleDeVIta
Solvita's message: To avoid Global warming we must start with small things.
Turn out the lights when you leave a room, sort our waste and recycle, use public transport. We must start with our selves and then teach others. :)
BTW: I do all these things, I am not only talking about this. ;)

Entrie number 5!
The Spirograph bag by Baahar
Baa: my fav rule against global warming: consume less (fuel, food, energy, etc.) :)

Entrie number 6!
Antarctica ring by sexyhandmade
We should take care of the nature just as much as we take care of ourselves

Entrie number 7!
Ice pink tulles bow by Ayawedding
Ayça's message: Use less material and create simple elegant beauties can be a option for saving our world

Entrie number 8!
Water drop earrings by Sumikoshop
Evelyn: I do separate collection of waste, but I think there are many other things you can do to save the environment ......
For example, fewer cars in the world
less plastic, instead of a box of six plastic bottles of water, just one, but containing 5-6 liters, the machines should go without gasoline .....
etc. etc.
the world must work together

Entrie number 9!
Antarctica ring by Jealousydesign
Carita: I think it is important to remember that everything we do is affecting our world and universe. I always trying to think eco friendly, small steps and changes are something everyone can do. Also support organizations that have the possibility to reach out and make the world listen.

Entrie number 10!
Hoop Earrings by Arctida
Alecia sais: As for the Global warming: being a scientist my self I’m a bit partial off course :) but I would suggest donating a small amount of money for the Climate research. There are so many different solutions both biological and technological on the way. For example: alternative sources of producing paper (saving all those trees), plastic (no need for oil production) and meat (no more over-exploited natural resources and deforestation). But with the financial crisis hitting us hard, the private donations becoming more and more important for the all kind of Research to continue!

Entrie number 11!
Antarctica cuff by LaTouchables
It would be a great warmer in Antarctica! :D

Dawn: I'm not sure there is anything we can do to 'avoid' this. But we can do what is humanly possible, including doing everything in our power to recycle, reduce waste and the CO2 level, maintain biodiversity on our blue planet, and being proactive, not passive, about ways we as individuals can take charge--ride a bike, seperate garbage, recycle, eat less processed food, support organizations working on alternative sources of energy, etc, etc. Love our planet, so to speak.

Entrie number 12!
Another very warm  entrie :)
Handmade nunofelt shawl "My arctic summer" by Ingermaaike
Inger: To help us all be able to live on this planet I wish for people to make concious choices of what the are going to consume. Think of the energy spent on producing fleeting fads, is it ok to give kids non lasting toys? But on the other hand buying these toys gives poor countries a chance to become less poor..
Think about what you do, think about the effect on the long term, look at it from all sides, don't just howl along with the woolves. Make up your own mind as to what is good and bad....

Entrie number 13!
Les doux et durs Antartica by Zsazsazsu1963
Sandra: Raise our children with an ecological mind because they are the future !

Entrie number 14!
Antarctica - Necklace and Earrings by Staroftheeast
Estella: We have made this gorgeous necklace and earrings set with vintage findings to give them a new life. Little things like recycling can make our planet so much better!

Entrie number 15!
Another penguin arrived! :)
Window hanger with a penguin in porcelain by TwoTreesBelgium
Annemiek: What can one do to help this world? Live consciously. I know I still take the car too often and could buy products with less packaging. But I try and do what I can, my packaging for my bowls is made via fair trade in Nepal and I know it does help the people there. I plant 2 trees for every 10 projects sold and I suport KIVA and the WWF. The trees and the WWF cause I feel the animals suffer most from the explosive growth of humans and there undertakings. I support KIVA cause the loans go direct to a person or small company and if they get better there surroundings will get better too. It is known the more educated the women are, the less children they will have and better lives, so I usually support female entrepreneurs, yes positive discrimination ;-)

Entrie number 16!
It begins to snow! :)
Romantic Vintage White Lace and Pink Flowers Earrings by Amoronia
Amoronia: Reduce what you consume, reuse what has already been produced and recycle what can be used in a different form -sure, but still all that sounds so elementary. Nations should work together more systematically, we should invest in organic farming, alternative forms of energy, eco friendly buildings, and governments should start spending more funds on research for the improvement of the quality of life on this planet. In one word, all we need is LOVE. :)

Entrie number 17!
Ice Cubes melting on your heart - Sterling silver necklace by L'indecise
Brenda: I'm really obsessed with a conscious way of living.
I recycle every single waste at home. My husband and I separate paper, aluminum, biodegradable and glass very carefully.
We try to limit the electricity use, we don't own a car, we use the bike everyday to go to work.
We reduced our meat consumption and buy from organic and local agriculture. We often buy second hand clothes, we always reuse plastic and paper bags and we simply consume less of everything, and we are truly happy to help the planet and everyone concerned!

Entrie number 18!
Party in the Antarctica - Original handprinted Linocut by Oraber
Antok: Buy sustainable and ecofriendly - avoid garbage whenever you can
Entrie number 19!
Winter Wonderland- Beaded Necklace by MadLook

Mimika: One of the simplest things we can do to try and heal out planet is to take a walk! Not only is it great excercise, it's an alternative to driving a car which releases harmful gases in the atmosphere and burns fuel. If you can walk to a desired distance, opt for that instead of taking you car. You're doing yourself AND the environment a major ton of good!

Entrie number 20!
Ice-cube pendant by Donauluft
Viktoria: I would declare the hole antarctic area for nature reserve and World Cultural Heritage!
..and I think dumping prices for flights are not a way to safe the climate..

Entrie number 21!
Antarctic Ice Crystal Felted Wool Brooch by AmyandPia
Amy: And my tip is Bicycles! Cycling is brilliant! Get rid of those horrible cars! But in Britain we need to lobby anyone we can for cycle paths - because cycling on the fast roads is too dangerous, especially if you're cycling with a child. So my real tip is - British people, step up the pressure for cycle paths.

Anastasia: Here, in Mallorca, we have to lobby as well fro the train and better public transport and for cycle paths as well. There is a long way to do...

Entrie number 22 comes with a great tip! ;)
Oneperfectday: My recomendation to save the planet concerns the conservation of water with my sister's car wash recipe which is also chemical-free:
This is what you will need:
2 litres of water

Put about 2 litres of water in a bucket.
Dip sponge in water and then 'wash' a section of the car with it as you would if it were soapy.
Bunch up newspaper pages and wipe over that part until there is no water or streaks left.
Proceed to the next section.
Then the next and the next till car is sparkly clean.
When you're finished, the dirty water in the bucket can be used to water your plants because there is no detergent or soap in it!!!

My sister swears by it!

Entrie number 23!
Heart of the Ice Queen by Helmitarha
Jana: My tip for saving the environment is - use environmentally friendly cleaners and detergents. In that way you can protect the environment from nasty chemicals and also your family and pets from contact allergies caused by those chemicals in regular cleaning products.

Entrie number 24!
White crochet flower ring by Creationsbyeve
Eve: My tip is to respect our planet more and try to consume less,recycle as much as we can, use water and electricity more conciously and use our car as less as we can :)

Entrie number 25!
Icicles - Handmade Necklace by gr8jewellery
Joanne: The first step is to practice the three Rs ... Reduce, Recycle, Re-Use. Anyone can Reduce and Recycle, and as crafters we should find it easier than most to Re-Use and find new uses for anything not still at its best. One 'habit' I find easy to keep is to reduce harmful waste by using rechargeable batteries in my kids' toys and electronics.

Entrie number 26!
Cluster Earrings by alatvian
Rita: In order to save nature and resources we should use natural products and supplies treated as less as possible.

Entrie number 27!
Frost Flowers Mohair Scarflette by koopdegrace


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