My creative space - work in progress

This week I treated myself with new colours!
new colours
We went to the beach. The sea was pretty playful...so beautiful, inspiring, amazing....
amazing landcape
I found some absolutely precious pebbles
looking for pebbles
washing pebbles
Beside the pebbles, I spent some time making pieces for my Pink Ohh..! Collection and painting boxes.
painting boxes
So...what do you think about the same ring in new colours? ;)
this ring in new colours
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My creative space - work in progress

Sand from different beaches
Mixing the sand
Choosing pebbles for new rings
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My Etsy finds - Martice

I met Marta, the owner of Martice etsy shop on Amsterdam craft fair. Actually Marta was the organizer of the Etsy sellers meet up in Amsterdam and she nicely offered her home to me and other girls.
Marta had a great and an original idea to knitt sleeves for laptops. I just loved it and I wanted one for my laptop urgently! I ordered one with custom colours and in few weeks I received my cosy warm sleeve!
laptop handknitted sleeve by Martice on Etsy
I also use my sleve as a baggy to go to town or to go to work. It is so sweet and has so nice texture!I really enjoy it!
Thank you, Marta! :)


My creative space

Photo session for a new banner in my Etsy shop and on my web site
Little matryoshkas are almost finished...
More matryoshkas and pebbles. Need to sort pebbles for new ear studs and rings. You can believe me, I spent long hours in the sea :P
I asked my mom to send me clothes pins from Russia. I love them! They are bigger and sturdier...will do something with them! ;)
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Travel to Moscow

I try to send my daughter on holidays to Russia, to my mother's home. This way she can practice her Russian and relacionate with her granny and with all my family.
I had a bad luck to find a job in reception and work hardly in summer time and to have holidays in winter.
This way I can't go with my daughter and spend summer on my motherland.
our plane shadow

My travels to Russia normally are very short, just arrive to Moscow and go back. My family lives in 1600km from Moscow, so I have to take train or plane and need few days for the travel, thing I can't enjoy during high season in the hotel.

My last travel was the shortest one. In 24 hours I crossed Europe from the west to the east and from the east to the west again. I had no possibility to take photos. But 2 years ago I took some pics and wanted to share with you.
moscow metro

Metro is one of the things I like in Moscow. Some stations are really charming.
moscow metro
Also I like big green parcs....but I think it should be more green spaces in such big city.

Two of those individuals are my brother and his girl friend ;)
Mallorca from the air. My travel is finished and will begin one day here again..:)

Antarctica challenge winner is...

Hi, guys!
I wanted to thank you all for participating and for your wonderful entries!
It was a great opportunity for me to know you better, to know your names and to stay in touch with you and to know your work.
It was not easy to choose....and the winner is....TwoTreesBelgium  with her Window hanger with a penguin in porcelain  :)

Congrats Annemiek! Now you choose the new theme! :)


My creative space

Few shoots from "what is boiling in my creative space...."
More matryoshkas and more colours!:)
At the moment I'm just dreaming about ceramic kiln and experiment with my kitchen stove and polymer clay :)

New herbal ear studs will arrive soon...ear studs and a pendant ;)
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