Travel to Moscow

I try to send my daughter on holidays to Russia, to my mother's home. This way she can practice her Russian and relacionate with her granny and with all my family.
I had a bad luck to find a job in reception and work hardly in summer time and to have holidays in winter.
This way I can't go with my daughter and spend summer on my motherland.
our plane shadow

My travels to Russia normally are very short, just arrive to Moscow and go back. My family lives in 1600km from Moscow, so I have to take train or plane and need few days for the travel, thing I can't enjoy during high season in the hotel.

My last travel was the shortest one. In 24 hours I crossed Europe from the west to the east and from the east to the west again. I had no possibility to take photos. But 2 years ago I took some pics and wanted to share with you.
moscow metro

Metro is one of the things I like in Moscow. Some stations are really charming.
moscow metro
Also I like big green parcs....but I think it should be more green spaces in such big city.

Two of those individuals are my brother and his girl friend ;)
Mallorca from the air. My travel is finished and will begin one day here again..:)


  1. These are beautiful photos! Also, reminds me of my childhood and makes me want to go back and visit.... :)