My creative space - work in progress

New designs. I made a ring, a brooch and a pair of earrings playing with clay and scissors. I'm curoius about the final result.
new designs
There were few holidays this week and we went to the beach. We had good luck with weather, it was sunny and not windy.
new pebbles
I glazed, glazed and glazed Matryoshkas, leaves, leaves and Matryoshkas...:) They will be red, blue indigo, white, green, black...I hope I could fire them on next monday.
Glazed, ready for firing
I found these leaves when I went out from pilates today. Aren't they beautiful! Such rich colour!
beautiful colors
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  1. All those matryoshkas! ;)
    Stones are beautiful, God is a surprising designer!

  2. Ahhh I love the arrangements and the pics look amazing!! I love it Anastasia :D

    The link for creative spaces is awesome! TX

    ohh Looking forward to create mi pequenito rincon :D



  3. Really inspiring - want to go and look for stones now!

  4. fantásticos los colores de las hojas!

  5. you must see my blog too
    I find it so fascinating that across the world
    stones of the same exist
    check out my stone jewels from Vermont.