Happy 2012!

FELIÇ 2012!
I wish you all a very happy new year! xoxo PINAR DE SA COMA

HAPPY 2012


Algae necklace preview

Do you remember these beads? They have been fired at about 900ºC (1652ºF)  and turned out beautiful dark gray color...sanded pieces
Biology was my fav signature at golledge...I adored my teacher and everything about natural siences... It's fun to observe how my passion is reflecting in everything I create now... Algae necklace preview
So welcome Algae necklace, not finished yet though... Algae necklace preview  Terracotta beads, coral and pearls... Algae necklace preview  And...of course, my naturalist soul :) Algae necklace preview Algae necklace preview 
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My creative space

My life-space-time are filled with this 15 days old baby right now. _2
I know, I'm living the best moments in my life for the third time now...holding this little wonder in my hands, breastfeeding him, ...I know, he'll grow up and I'll have more time for myself one day but I'll miss these days...
Most of my free time right now goes to have rest, to sleep, to take care of my family...
But well, here are some little experiments...
rubber curving
Curving rubber molds - I had this idea during a lot of time in my mind. Finally I've got the rubber block and I could try out something. I wasn't too much satisfied with the mold, but when I tried it out with clay, I loved the result...curved rubber mold
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All you need is me

A little pea is sleeping on my knees...
He is whispering to me:
Don't go away...all you need is me... pèsol
Illustration by Aina M. Page

Roc came on the 16th evening. Everything went good and smooth. We already stay at home.
He is quite pieceful at the moment...he only needs my warmth...



Today, today...another day..sunny and beautiful...
On friday I purchased this cozy jacket in a thrift store and I wear it today for the first time...Love it's "granny's" look, and the plastic buttons with "diamonds" :) today
Today morning I lost myself in a local fabric shop looking for some fabric... I want to sew bags for my new necklaces...something in vintage air, air of my grandmothers closet...
And I found these... sewing a bag for the necklace
How do you find them?  Look great, I think :) sewing a bag for the necklace
sewing a bag for the necklace
Let's see what happend then... Growth necklace packaging
I made these drawstring bags with help of this tutorial. drawstring bag for the new necklace
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Twig buttons

Roc is still sitting in my belly, it looks like he feels good and doesn't want to come out...I'm curious to see his face, to have him here with us, but if he wants to wait, it means for me one day more of doing my projects...
Today I was between sewing, clay beads making, rubber curving, experimenting with plaster molds...and finally I decided to take a rest of clay and to sew. sewing pouches
I sewn few pouches from printed Mallorcan ikat fabric and I thought that twig buttons would be an unique and fun detail.
I had some pine twigs I brought from the pine forest! Enough to make 6 buttons I needed.

I cut the twigs and sanded future buttons.

Twig buttons making

Here they are - 6 twiggies! I just love how they smell of forest!

Hole making is the most difficult part for me, I need to apply force... Twig buttons making

Yay! I've got them! 6 smooth forest buttons!
I added them to my new pouches and purses. making twig buttons
Isn't it look cute?

Soon they will be available in my shop.
making twig buttons
That's all for today...let's see what tomorrow will bring us..
Have a great week-end!:) xx



It was raining during few days. I decided to make beads from black clay at home and they had time to dry up completely.
rain Yesterday rain stopped and today I could sand the beads and toast my face on the sun in the garden.
It's quite dirty work... I finished tired, dirty and very hungry :)
sanded vs unsanded Sanded vs unsanded new beads
...But if at the end you've got what you want... sanded pieces
I don't really know how the necklaces will go out finally...I have an idea, but in the process everything can change... sanded pieces
These will go to the kiln, and then, we'll see what happend...
Meanwhile I'm still waiting for Roc to born...one day to go...

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The Dowry

The Dowry

"The Dowry" necklace - a new one I'm working on today... Is somebody going to marry soon? Is there any woodland princess around here? :)
Víktor Vasnetsov "Ivan Tsarevich Riding the Grey Wolf". 1889.



Please, welcome the newborn - the Succulent necklace.
I had no fixed idea when I was making it, I knew I wanted to use long beads... I tryed many different ways and combos and beads and stones..untill it was born and I felt myself satisfied with the result...Succulent necklace
The segmental structure remembers me a succulent plant and at the same time probably an insect, but I feel it's something more about a plant, a vegetal than an animal... Succulent necklace
 It's weightless and just gorgeous on the neck...so special....beautiful...delicate and graceful...
..I can't hide it -.. I'm in love. Succulent necklace

1. Sarris Garden 2 original California abstract landscape oil painting
2. A Collection of 28 Succulents Cuttings
3. Upcycled Toy Planter - Blue Elephant with Finger Jade Succulent Plant
4. Sanseveria in a vintage Maryland Club Coffee Canister


The first buds

After soiling myself in black clay some quirky beads were born.
ceramic beads
I love them because they are uneven and unique. Also the idea to combine clay with gemstones was born and here are the first buds:
Growth - ceramic necklace with gemstones
Gemstone beads contrast with raw clay surface and make a great combination of color and texture. Pine twigs add to the necklaces even more organic look. Gray terracotta and gemstones necklace nr.1


He wants to rock my world

2 weeks to go...more...or less...
I'm Off to make
I found this post card in Berlin and I fallen in love. I associate this boy with my son and with the coming one. They wanna rock my world...and they really do!
he wants to rock my world  
Post card by www.jujus-delivery.com


New tote!

Let me introduce this ikat fabric I purchased last sunday. (See yesterdays post)

Roba de llegües ikat fabric
I decided to make few totes from it. I went to a local shop to find matching fabric and I found two absolutely wonderful colors: cocoa brown and khaki green. I decided to make 2 different totes. One - with brown outside and another one - with green.
new tote - making of
It's much more easier to cut fabrick for two bags together than doing it separatly. So I did so. I cut all the fabric. There is enough ikat to sew 3 totes.
new totes - making of
Combining colors new tote
Exciting moment - the first tote is here! Awww...I'll keep one for myself! :)
subtle greens
In my mind I made connections with other pieces I've made...I think they make a great combo together!


Martí Vicenç museum

Last sunday we went to Pollença [poˈʎɛnsə] - town situated on the north-east of the island, settled in Serra de Tramuntana mountain chain. Pollença is considered as one of the most ancient places on the island. The name "Pollença" comes from the name of the Roman settlement of "Pollentia". Is a cozy, beautiful town with narrow streets. Love it. It's in about an hour by car from home. Arrived to Pollença we found a place to park the car (it was not easy:) and we began to climb up slowly to the center of town. We go to Martí Vicenç Museum situated on 365-step stairway north of the square; this leads up to a chapel on top of the hill known as Calvary...
There are 3 artisan workshops on Mallorca producing traditional ikat fabric - Roba de Llengües: in Pollença, in Lloseta and in Santa Maria del Camí. Roba de Llengües is probably the most characteristic visual symbol of Mallorcan art and craft traditions on Mallorca. I love this fabric because it connects me to the island, to the roots, to the magic of artisanie... I began to make things from printed fabric, but recently I discovered that Roba de Llengües is an ikat fabric and I wanted to close me up to the workshops and to put my nose in. On sunday the workshop in Pollença was closed, but I could visit the museum and to buy a piece of authentic Roba de Llengües fabric. It's beautiful and nicely heavy in my hands. I'm excited...
Well, here are some pictures...

Martí Vicenç museum, Pollença, Mallorca
Martí Vicenç Vilanova was a man who introduced Roba de Llengües in Pollença. His son Marti Vicenç Alemany was a painter and scupltor. His paitings, fiber-art, sculptures are featured in the musem. There is a showroom dedicated to fabric production and a little shop as well.
My creation
The museum is situated in a former monastery. To see the space I go downstairs, and downstairs again....old stone walls and arc shaped ceilings....I close my eyes and I try to imagine how much things have happend here...years, centures ago... Martí Vicenç Museum, Pollença Martí Vicençs Museum
Ohhhh...this floor made of ancient terracotta is ...mmm...gorgeous! terracotta. Martí Vicenç museum, Pollença, Mallorca
I go home.. with a piece of fabric nicely heavy in my hands...I'm excited!
Alcanada is the next stop on the way home. I explore beautifully textured rocks, enjoy being by the sea, I can't stop looking at pebbles... There are a lots but they are raw and ugly. Why in every place pebbles are different?