My creative space

I've tried porcelain clay yesterday for the first time. I had to wet my hands all the time with water, I found it's more difficult to manipulate than white clay. It will be interesting to see the final result after firing...
trying porcelain
 Finally I mounted rubber stamps! I still have to finish to mount the cyrillic alphabet stamps....a lot of letters a lot of work :)
rubber stamps are finally mounted!

I had some ideas to make tribal pieces. I like the organic and simple look of clay.
Just the clay, your hands and the fire....
tribal ideas
Surfing between different patterns of Roba de Llengües cloth-traditional Mallorcan fabric...It's ethnic look definitively attracts me...
roba de llengües
Thanks for droping a peek!
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Let's love each other every day...


And the giveaway winners are.....

Tatatatam!!!! The giveaway winners are:

This is the list of participants:

1. Glòria Estelrich
2. Sara Teconlene
3. Zime
4. Marta Masaoms
5. Helmitarha
6. Fillis F9
7. Muriel Mujoyas
8. Lisa ZiBags
9. Acommonthread Stefanie
10. Volkova Tatiana
11. Glo Ferrer
12. Yuliya
13. Lorena Gemagenta
14. VeraVague
15. Vikulya
16. Linda
17. Sadie Rose
18. Rosa María
19. Nancy Van Den Boom
20. Lucia CalMeMimi
21. Kristin Evihan
22. Tartankiwi
23. Ayca
24. Dina Fragola
25. Estella Star of the east
26. Jess
27. Cris iomiss
28. Petronella
29. Donna
30. Cati Roig
31. Blueberrycream Ana
32. Erosia
33. Brenda L’Indécise
34. Ludmila Germano
35. Cinnamonspice
36. Jenn LavenderAve
37. Missie
38. Natalya
39. Bai ThongbaiTatong
40. Guisela Underanewlight
41. Annemiek
42. Simply Objects Hanlie
43. Annuk Anna
44. Asun
45. Munieca Andrea
46. Gretchenmist Belinda

Congrats Zime and Ana Blueberrycream! :)


My kids

Few weeks ago my daughter brought an animal skelet from the forest.I was curious about what she'll do with it.
magic stick
My son always "collaborates" in my projects if he has an opportunity! ;)
My son's collaboration