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I've tried porcelain clay yesterday for the first time. I had to wet my hands all the time with water, I found it's more difficult to manipulate than white clay. It will be interesting to see the final result after firing...
trying porcelain
 Finally I mounted rubber stamps! I still have to finish to mount the cyrillic alphabet stamps....a lot of letters a lot of work :)
rubber stamps are finally mounted!

I had some ideas to make tribal pieces. I like the organic and simple look of clay.
Just the clay, your hands and the fire....
tribal ideas
Surfing between different patterns of Roba de Llengües cloth-traditional Mallorcan fabric...It's ethnic look definitively attracts me...
roba de llengües
Thanks for droping a peek!
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  1. Like your try outs ! And the fabric is great.

  2. love the fabric! i also like the raw look of clay and cannot wait to see it when its finished!

  3. Your experiments look great! I love trying out new things! ;)

  4. Yes, porcelain clay! It's so different from the white clay, isn't it?!
    Ooooh ahhhh, I can't wait to see your cyrillic
    alphabet stamps, what a wonderful idea!
    I love your clay "play" time, looks like you had fun, and it's a beautiful out come!
    Oh, and this fabric, wow! ;)

  5. Yes, Sarah! Porcelain clay is more sticky :)
    Thank you for droping a peek! xx

  6. Wonderful!
    I'm looking forward to seeing more of your stamps:)


  7. beautiful photos as always!
    looking forward to seeing your clay results :)