My happy monday!

I went to the post office today and received a bunch of things! Such a treat!
My Happy monday :)
My Happy monday :)
Lovely magnets and sweet Matryoshka brooch from Mitsy from ArtMind donated by her to EuropeForCharity Etsy shop. This shop contains items donated by amazing artists and crafters from the European Street Team on Etsy for humanitarian relief.

Sweet matryoshka brooch from Mitsy
Magnets from ArtMind
Another box!

2 absolutely amazing ceramic bowls from Kiyomi from KiodeStudio Kiomi gives 50% of the proceeds from her shop to help devastating Japan.
Amazing bowls from KoideStudio
And a funny bib for my son from HappiBabies . This shop gives 50% of the proceeds to help people in Japan too.
Fun bib from HappiBabies
Can I be happier? :)
My Happy monday! :)


  1. Love the bowls! So beautiful! Thanks for supporting charity and being so happy - makes me smile too! :)

  2. oooh, you bought a lot of stuff and you give a great support to Japan this way!!! wonderful!

  3. You treated yourself alright and right you are! Such lovely items and the pictures are awesome, Anastasia! Thanks for sharing! Enjoy your new purchases! xox

  4. Thank you, girls, for droping a peek!:)