Yummy moments - Kitchen experiments

I always thought I'm not a great cook. But really may be I just need to practice more?
Following this video I prepared a very yummy orange cake!

Try it too!
You'll just need:
1 Orange
70ml of Oil (2.36 oz)
250 gr of Sugar (0.55 lb)
3 Eggs
170 gr of Flour (0.37 lb)
Baking powder 1 bag

Bake it at 180Cº (356Fº) during 35-40 min.

Just follow the video, it's so easy and very yummy! :P
P.S: In the video she uses rafinated sunflower oil and white sugar. I used Virgen Extra Olive oil and brown sugar and it was fine as well.

Here is a picture of my cake as a prove :D
Yummy moments