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It's poppies time again....
I picked up some poppies seed pods and here are some new poppies brooches just born
Poppies brooches work in progress
Do you remeber these pieces I made for my mom?
polished and unpolished
The set is ready: earrings, a ring and a brooch.
porcelain set
I'm also very happy with these fresh designs :D
Pretty ahoy - porcelain ring and earrings
Oh yes, and these Ethnic earrings are also ready, this is a porcelain interpretation of my design performed before in polymer clay
Ethnic earrings - coloring with underglaze
Coloring with ceramic pigments (underglaze).
Ethnic porcelain earrings
headband, choker, wristband
On the 1st of May I'll begin my work in the hotel. I hope I could find time for my family and for my creative projects as well...
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Today is St. Jordi!

One year ago I went to Barcelona and I lived St.Jordi celebrations there.
I just repeat this post because today is St. Jordi - the 23rd of April.

"I live on Mallorca (Majorca) island, situated in Mediterranean sea, in approx. 400km from Barcelona by the sea. I needed to go to Russian consulate in Barcelona and I decided to spend one day more there because I was curious to know how is celebrating Saint Jordi (St. George) there on the 23rd of April. St.Jordi is a patron saint of Catalonia. The legend says: Saint George killed the Dragon. Dragon's blood penetrated the earth and in this place red-red roses grew up.


So the Catalonian tradition is: men gives away a red rose to women and women gives away a book to men.


I was accompanied by roses smell and a lot of books during all the day!
I love Barcelona! It's a cosmopolite city, with great creativity. Ancient history and new ideas always flow there, you feel it in every moment. I love just walk in the down town, or Raval neighbourhood and go to the port. If you go to Barcelona you'll find plenty of expos and places where to go, and where to eat.


This time I went to Textile and Ceramic museum - I love ceramic and in this museum I discovered Maria Bofill ceramic artist - her porcelain clouds are wonderful!
Also I visited Outumuro fashion photograth exposition. His work is amazing!
I was looking his photos and I was asking myself: What do they have this pieces of white paper with black lines and silhouettes? Why they turn me crazy?


I was very happy with my discoveris, but I had en empty stomack, I needed to eat.


If you want to taste an authentic Catalan food I recommend to you restaurants Origens. If you are vegetarian, go to Self Naturista restaurant, is a great place situated just in 2 minutes walking from Plaça Catalunya - the heart of the city. They have a great variety and quality of food by low prices.

In the afternoon I returned to Mallorca accompanied by an amazing sunset. Bye bye, Adéu, Barcelona! And Hola, Mallorca! :)


Happy St. Jordi to all Jordis and Georges! :)


Playful mood

playful mood
playful mood
playful mood
 4 eggs print
magic corner print
Have a great week! X)


A grain of sand - Un gra d'arena

About a year ago, Baa from Baahar put lot of work and effort in getting the European Street team's on Etsy charity shop rolling. It's called Europe for Charity Shop and it's filled with items donated by artists from all over Europe. There is a great variety of work to be found there and I would like to invite you to take a peek=>
This shop serves as a platform to collect money for relief whenever a humanitarian crisis emerges and to support causes like child care & education. Right now all proceeds will go to Japan via Architecture for Humanity.

 Fa un any Baa  - artista darrere la botiga Baahar a Etsy va posar molt d’esforç i entusiasme  per obrir Europe For Charity Shop – botiga Europa per la caritat. És una tenda on els artistes de tot Europa donen algunes de les seves creacions. Hi ha una gran varietat de coses que us podrien agradar. Us convido a pegar-hi una ullada => 
Aquesta botiga serveix com a plataforma per recaptar doblers per ajudar les causes de caritat.
Com per exemple ajudar a satisfer les necessitats bàsiques de vida i d’educació de les persones que ho necessiten. Actualment  tots els diners obtinguts de les vendes d’aquesta botiga van a judar les víctimes del terretrèmol a Japó através de l’ONG Arquitectura per la Humanitat.

Before the tragedy in Japan Europe for Charity shop donated to these 2 causes:

1. Architecture for Humanity for their rebuilding work in Pakistan and Haiti
 2. BlinkNow Foundation to support their Kopila Valley Children's Home and School http://blinknow.org/ 

Abans de la tragèdia a Japó la botiga va fer donacions a:
1. Arquitectura per la Humanitat  per la seva feina reconstructiva a Pakistan i Haití.
2.   2 . Fundació BlinkNow  per donar support a la llar d’infants òrfes Kopila Valley Children’s Home  i l'escola a Nepal.

BlinkNow Foundation, which is a grass-root organization founded by Maggie Doyne.

Maggie is a young woman who followed her heart and built an orphanage and school in Nepal with a mission to improve the life of Nepalese children. Visit her site where she shares her story and gives almost daily updates on the life at the Kopila Valley Children's Home and School.  
La fundació BlinkNow és una organització sense ànim de lucre fundada  per Maggie Doyne. 
La Maggie és una al.lota jove que va aconseguir a construir un orfenat  i una escola a Nepal amb la missió a millorar la vida de nins de Nepal. Per més informació visiteu la seva pàgina web on ella comparteix la seva història i explica les darreres notícies del projecte.

I loved to watch this really inspiring video where Maggie tells her story.
M’ha agradat molt veure aquest  vídeo emotiu i inspirador on la Maggie conta la seva història:

I decided to put my grain of the sand to this amazing project. Isn't it beautiful to help with your handmade work?
He decidit posar el meu gra d’arena a aquest projecte. Oi que és bonic ajudar amb el que fas?

These articles are on sale in Europe for Charity shop.  Remember that every cent spent in this shop will be donated for the relief (except shipping costs of course).

Aquests articles estan en venda a la botiga Europe for Charity. Recordau que cada cèntim deixat a aquesta tenda se’n va a ajudar la gent necessitada (llevat les despeses de lliurament, és clar).


My creative space

Painting, making stock.
lavender tears - work in progress
These ^ will be these >
lavender tears-ear studs
Do you remember these clay beads?
tribal ideas
Yesterday I finished the necklace and took photos. And already listed the necklace in the shop. I feel myself so excited about tribal and ethnic pieces!, there is a "bee hive" of ideas in my head: colors, textures, shapes, materials.... I'll make more clay beads right today!
Tribal terracota necklace
Tribal terracota necklace
Tribal terracota necklace
Tribal terracota necklace
Tribal terracota necklace
Tribal terracota necklace
Tribal terracota necklace

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My creative space

Polishing an earring porcelain piece before firing in the kiln.
polishing a piece
Polished and unpolished. These earrings will be for my mom :)
polished and unpolished
Polished pieces
polished pieces
My first lavender bag ever. I made it for my friend. I had this idea a lot of time ago, but yesterday I couldn't wait more. My friend's birthday is today. I know, I work better under pression. And you? :)
lavender bag
I used traditional mallorcan fabric " Roba de llengües" to make this lavender bag.
This fabric is probably the most characteristic visual symbol of Mallorcan art and craft traditions on Mallorca island, where I live.
lavender bag
I hope she'll love it! :)
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