My creative space

It's poppies time again....
I picked up some poppies seed pods and here are some new poppies brooches just born
Poppies brooches work in progress
Do you remeber these pieces I made for my mom?
polished and unpolished
The set is ready: earrings, a ring and a brooch.
porcelain set
I'm also very happy with these fresh designs :D
Pretty ahoy - porcelain ring and earrings
Oh yes, and these Ethnic earrings are also ready, this is a porcelain interpretation of my design performed before in polymer clay
Ethnic earrings - coloring with underglaze
Coloring with ceramic pigments (underglaze).
Ethnic porcelain earrings
headband, choker, wristband
On the 1st of May I'll begin my work in the hotel. I hope I could find time for my family and for my creative projects as well...
Thanks for stopping by! Check kootoyoo's blog for more creative spaces and have fun! :)

See you....!


  1. beautiful creations again !!!!

  2. I really hope you do find time for your creative projects..they are very beautiful, I am sure your mum will be very happy with her set.

  3. beautiful as always. really hope you don't loose too much creative and family time.

  4. Your pictures are lovely as always, not to mention the beautiful works you make, dear Lady Anastasia. You're almost working again in the hotel, I too hope you still find time to enjoy your sweet family and your art!



  5. I love your blog, jewelry and photos!