Wheel throwing

Wheel throwing always was something I wanted to try. It's a pure magic when a pot comes out from a piece of clay.
But it's more difficult as I imagined....
First of all you have to center a piece of clay on the wheel. This is the most difficult part for me at the moment.
wheel throwing
When clay is perfectly centered you can begin to make the hole and to open the piece....then, to throw it up...
wheel throwing
I'm quite impatient and clay always teached me to be PA-TI-ENT and to work with it SLOW-LY. Piece, concentration and PA-TI-ENCE...Slowly, Anastasia, don't hurry up!...Slowly...
You'll be treated if you are patient. Clay doesn't like hurries.
My first wheel thrown pots
How I was proud and happy to throw MY FIRST pots! They are quiet basic and imperfect, but I felt myself very glad! Now I use them to put my brushes and pens and other supplies. It's so nice to use something you've made.
My first wheel thrown pots
There is a long way to go, a lot of things to try and to learn.
Wheel-throwing is magic.


  1. I would love to try this too !

  2. I did it twice. The first time was a disaster. The second time I had one small pot while working on it the entire afternoon. I don't think wheel throwing is my 'thing' LOL :) Your pots look lovely!

  3. Petronella, try it! It's not easy, but you'll feel a great satisfaction when you'll hold your own wheel-thrown pot, vase or tea-pot! :)

    Dear Mitsy, a lot of times I've spent hours without any result (with just pain in my hands and arms and back and feeling sad :)), trying to centrate the clay on the wheel. And sometimes I began with a big piece of clay and finished with a tiny pot :)
    (While my austrian classmate already began to make beautiful wheel-thrown pots!:))
    But oneday I understood how I have to apply force to center the clay and I began to have results! It was fantastic! You have to try it again! :)

  4. My mom is a potter and she showed me how a couple of times but I ended up not using a wheel but shaping by hand... :(

    I love your work!!