Today is the day

Today is my day-off at work, today is a quite, silent, cloudy day, peaceful...
june 8th, mallorca
Today is the best day to stay in pijama, to relax and to take pics...
cat and rings
ceramic rings
Today is the day when I finally mounted these earrings, a lot of time ago I decided they will be for myself...

Today is the day to open the window and to listen the birds singing, to let the fresh air enter the room...

Today is the day I make a tribute to myself...


  1. well deserved!!! :))) Celebrate your self!

  2. ¿Esas son las vistas que ves desde tu casa? no sabes qué envidia me das!! qué relax! Bonito blog!
    y disfruta de tu dia! besos!. Mónica

  3. Sí, Moni, es la vista de nuestra casa :)
    gracias por pasar por aca!

  4. Such a lovely post, a tribute to yourself. You know what is good for the soul, Anastasia! And the pictures are so beautiful, they are good for my soul too, so thank you!