day off

day off...finally....
lazy morning
I can stay in the bed as long as I wish....

finally I clean up my space and organize little things...

Today I feel myself inspired and with a bee hive of ideas and ^things I'd love to do^ in my head...
roba de llengües
I'm treating myself - I prepare some surprises for my sweet friends...
sweet details


  1. enjoy it as much as you possibly can !

  2. Thank you, Sandra!
    WE went to the beach then and made a mini BBQ dinner in the garden!

  3. Lovely post, I like the view on your feet! Happy Feet! :-) Thanks for sharing, I see now you had a lovely day, Anastasia. Hope you are doing fine, dear!

  4. Can I be one of your sweet friends....?
    I would love a surprise like that....