2 days in Berlin

These are one of the first images I saw in Berlin...
I had no idea about the city and I didn't really know where to go. I went to Alexanderplatz just because I heard this name before.
I wanted to catch the spirit of the city, to take away a feeling. It was difficult on the first day. I saw Berliner dom - the cathedral, famous touristic places, but it wasn't really what I wanted to see or it didn't provide me any special feeling.
The first thing I bought when I went out from metro - an umbrella! It began to rain.
Grey sky, rain, cold.
I met with my friend in her cozy home with wooden floor. It was a good opportunity for me to learn new things about her, her preferencies, her tastes...

Accidentally it was Monday and every Monday Etsy people in Berlin organize Etsy Labs.
This time Kristina - the lady who organizes Etsy Labs - prepared some fun activities in a very special place - Prinzessinengärten. I recommend you to drop a peek to their web page. It's a garden in the city where volunteers plant vegetables and herbs. Where people just can come and touch the soil, to have an experience to plant, to see how vegetables grow. Nowdays very often kids don't know where from potatoe comes, how it grows, e t.c....here is the place where you can see it, touch it, try it and to do more things....I think it was a good place to organize Etsy Labs, it connects well with Etsy.
My friend was sewing for the first time and she enjoed it so much. I tried screenprinting for the first time as well.
Etsy Labs in Prinzessinengärten.

Kristina invited me to visit the Etsy office and Etsy Labs space, where usually Etsy Labs take place every Monday.

On the second day we walked a lot with my friend, we spoke a lot...
I began to have a feeling about the city.
A city full of bikes, hazel trees...
It is not too big, it is more small than big...Made for people to live...without pomp, simply....cozy...
Divided, united, marked with a lot of pain of the tragic past, multicultural like any modern megapolis, creative, free...



  1. Loved this post ! Thanks for sharing. And what a grand idea that Prinzessinnengarten is .. wow

  2. Thank you for this nice post!
    Greetings from the Berlin Etsy team :)

  3. Awwww! Thank you guys, for your great work in Europe and Berlin! :)