Martí Vicenç museum

Last sunday we went to Pollença [poˈʎɛnsə] - town situated on the north-east of the island, settled in Serra de Tramuntana mountain chain. Pollença is considered as one of the most ancient places on the island. The name "Pollença" comes from the name of the Roman settlement of "Pollentia". Is a cozy, beautiful town with narrow streets. Love it. It's in about an hour by car from home. Arrived to Pollença we found a place to park the car (it was not easy:) and we began to climb up slowly to the center of town. We go to Martí Vicenç Museum situated on 365-step stairway north of the square; this leads up to a chapel on top of the hill known as Calvary...
There are 3 artisan workshops on Mallorca producing traditional ikat fabric - Roba de Llengües: in Pollença, in Lloseta and in Santa Maria del Camí. Roba de Llengües is probably the most characteristic visual symbol of Mallorcan art and craft traditions on Mallorca. I love this fabric because it connects me to the island, to the roots, to the magic of artisanie... I began to make things from printed fabric, but recently I discovered that Roba de Llengües is an ikat fabric and I wanted to close me up to the workshops and to put my nose in. On sunday the workshop in Pollença was closed, but I could visit the museum and to buy a piece of authentic Roba de Llengües fabric. It's beautiful and nicely heavy in my hands. I'm excited...
Well, here are some pictures...

Martí Vicenç museum, Pollença, Mallorca
Martí Vicenç Vilanova was a man who introduced Roba de Llengües in Pollença. His son Marti Vicenç Alemany was a painter and scupltor. His paitings, fiber-art, sculptures are featured in the musem. There is a showroom dedicated to fabric production and a little shop as well.
My creation
The museum is situated in a former monastery. To see the space I go downstairs, and downstairs again....old stone walls and arc shaped ceilings....I close my eyes and I try to imagine how much things have happend here...years, centures ago... Martí Vicenç Museum, Pollença Martí Vicençs Museum
Ohhhh...this floor made of ancient terracotta is ...mmm...gorgeous! terracotta. Martí Vicenç museum, Pollença, Mallorca
I go home.. with a piece of fabric nicely heavy in my hands...I'm excited!
Alcanada is the next stop on the way home. I explore beautifully textured rocks, enjoy being by the sea, I can't stop looking at pebbles... There are a lots but they are raw and ugly. Why in every place pebbles are different?


  1. Saps que des de que te coneix i he parlat de tu als meus fills i mostrat les joies, quan anam a la platja venim carregats de pedres???? desprès no en feim res però si miram si podríem fer anells o arrecades!!


  2. Ahh! Som na Cati Roig!!

  3. Ja havia entés que eres tu :)
    Sí, lo de les pedres és una obsessió! Els ulls ja cerquen! :) Tenc caramulls de pedres a casa, pero la majoria tornaran a la platja. Moltes vegades les tenc dins les capses durant molt de temps i després, un dia VEIG una pedra preciosa que abans no veia...:) Així que deixeu-les descansar i deixeu descansar la vista i després en trobareu pedres precioses :)
    una aferrada!