Please, welcome the newborn - the Succulent necklace.
I had no fixed idea when I was making it, I knew I wanted to use long beads... I tryed many different ways and combos and beads and stones..untill it was born and I felt myself satisfied with the result...Succulent necklace
The segmental structure remembers me a succulent plant and at the same time probably an insect, but I feel it's something more about a plant, a vegetal than an animal... Succulent necklace
 It's weightless and just gorgeous on the neck...so special....beautiful...delicate and graceful...
..I can't hide it -.. I'm in love. Succulent necklace

1. Sarris Garden 2 original California abstract landscape oil painting
2. A Collection of 28 Succulents Cuttings
3. Upcycled Toy Planter - Blue Elephant with Finger Jade Succulent Plant
4. Sanseveria in a vintage Maryland Club Coffee Canister


  1. I'm impressed--and in love, too! What a completely creative beauty!