Today, today...another day..sunny and beautiful...
On friday I purchased this cozy jacket in a thrift store and I wear it today for the first time...Love it's "granny's" look, and the plastic buttons with "diamonds" :) today
Today morning I lost myself in a local fabric shop looking for some fabric... I want to sew bags for my new necklaces...something in vintage air, air of my grandmothers closet...
And I found these... sewing a bag for the necklace
How do you find them?  Look great, I think :) sewing a bag for the necklace
sewing a bag for the necklace
Let's see what happend then... Growth necklace packaging
I made these drawstring bags with help of this tutorial. drawstring bag for the new necklace
Find more creative spaces here


  1. Sweet pictures, beautiful fabrics. Congrats on your pregnancy, when are you due? Myself I have two more months to go :)

  2. I had to go on 10th, we are waiting for 4 days extra already :)
    Ohhh, you are expecting too, Minna! Such a beautiful notice! My warmest congratulations! xx

  3. I see that Roc is enjoying your cozy jacket too! ;)
    Great finds, Anastasia! And great to hear you are feeling well and enjoying your last days of pregnancy in great health!

  4. Yeah, looks like he enjoys the jacket too! LOL :)
    Thank you! :)

  5. knock knock Roc ... time to get out ! ;-)

  6. those are really pretty fabrics you have found :)

  7. lovely fabrics, just wanted to reach through the screen and touch them!