Twig buttons

Roc is still sitting in my belly, it looks like he feels good and doesn't want to come out...I'm curious to see his face, to have him here with us, but if he wants to wait, it means for me one day more of doing my projects...
Today I was between sewing, clay beads making, rubber curving, experimenting with plaster molds...and finally I decided to take a rest of clay and to sew. sewing pouches
I sewn few pouches from printed Mallorcan ikat fabric and I thought that twig buttons would be an unique and fun detail.
I had some pine twigs I brought from the pine forest! Enough to make 6 buttons I needed.

I cut the twigs and sanded future buttons.

Twig buttons making

Here they are - 6 twiggies! I just love how they smell of forest!

Hole making is the most difficult part for me, I need to apply force... Twig buttons making

Yay! I've got them! 6 smooth forest buttons!
I added them to my new pouches and purses. making twig buttons
Isn't it look cute?

Soon they will be available in my shop.
making twig buttons
That's all for today...let's see what tomorrow will bring us..
Have a great week-end!:) xx


  1. Qué lindo trabajo !! esos tronquitos pulidos y en forma de botón le dan un toque muy especial a tus bolsitas de tela :)
    Feliz finde !!

  2. Gràcies, Ingrid!
    Feliz finde para ti también! :)

  3. Anastasia are you expecting?!?! CONGRATULATIONS, I didn't know! :)
    Wonderful work!!!!!

  4. Love your process, from beginning to end. Your buttons are as beautiful as the fabrics you use, and everything has such a wonderful connection to nature and culture. Lovely!

  5. Thank you, Dawn!
    I'm agree with you that my work is hardly influenced by the island. I love making connections with the culture and the nature...

  6. Thank you for your lovely comments on my blog, Anastasia!
    And ALL the best to you and your baby!!!!!!!!!

  7. Thank you, Annuk! :)
    It was nice to drop a peek to your space!

  8. Love it! The buttons look fantastic. Lovely and earthy.

  9. És preciosa, la bossa, i original.Ben mallorquina, amb la roba de llengües. M'encanta!