Happy 2012!

FELIÇ 2012!
I wish you all a very happy new year! xoxo PINAR DE SA COMA

HAPPY 2012


Algae necklace preview

Do you remember these beads? They have been fired at about 900ºC (1652ºF)  and turned out beautiful dark gray color...sanded pieces
Biology was my fav signature at golledge...I adored my teacher and everything about natural siences... It's fun to observe how my passion is reflecting in everything I create now... Algae necklace preview
So welcome Algae necklace, not finished yet though... Algae necklace preview  Terracotta beads, coral and pearls... Algae necklace preview  And...of course, my naturalist soul :) Algae necklace preview Algae necklace preview 
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My creative space

My life-space-time are filled with this 15 days old baby right now. _2
I know, I'm living the best moments in my life for the third time now...holding this little wonder in my hands, breastfeeding him, ...I know, he'll grow up and I'll have more time for myself one day but I'll miss these days...
Most of my free time right now goes to have rest, to sleep, to take care of my family...
But well, here are some little experiments...
rubber curving
Curving rubber molds - I had this idea during a lot of time in my mind. Finally I've got the rubber block and I could try out something. I wasn't too much satisfied with the mold, but when I tried it out with clay, I loved the result...curved rubber mold
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