My creative space

My life-space-time are filled with this 15 days old baby right now. _2
I know, I'm living the best moments in my life for the third time now...holding this little wonder in my hands, breastfeeding him, ...I know, he'll grow up and I'll have more time for myself one day but I'll miss these days...
Most of my free time right now goes to have rest, to sleep, to take care of my family...
But well, here are some little experiments...
rubber curving
Curving rubber molds - I had this idea during a lot of time in my mind. Finally I've got the rubber block and I could try out something. I wasn't too much satisfied with the mold, but when I tried it out with clay, I loved the result...curved rubber mold
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  1. Oh, he's gorgeous!! (I'm amazed you have time for experiments at all!) Enjoy the new time, it honestly does go by in a flash even though it seems like time slows down when you're in the midst of it.

  2. que hermosa foto!!
    y que bueno el experimento, me encanta el resultado!

  3. Yes, Amy, I know, these moments will pass like a flash...kids grow up so fast...

    Grracias, Lorena! :)

    Thank you, Swie and Dawn! xo

  4. Congratulations on one of the nicest 'pieces'
    you have ever made ! Enjoy indeed as much as you can, they grow way too fast.
    The experiment looks very very promising.

  5. Yes, Sandra, they grow up too fast...:)


  6. congratulations to your beautiful, beautiful baby!!!

  7. Gorgeous little bubba! I have just stumbled on your lovely blog - it's beautiful. Love the rubber stamp too :) Looking forward to following :)

  8. so sweet! Congrats!!!
    enjoy these moments ! they rush by so fast! ....and soon you await the arrival of a grandchild (which is happening to me right now)...

  9. Congratulations - what a marvellous baby you have "created"! and the carvings are pretty good too!

  10. Oh, Viktoria, congrats on your coming grandchild! :)xo

    Thank you, Kate! :)