Happy holidays!

Merry Christmas and happy New Year to you all!!! Bones festes!!! Felices fiestas!!! С Новым Годом!!!


Sea in the bottle

Sea in the bottle is a tiny collection of Mediterranean sea shells and sand picked up on Mallorcan beaches.
I'm very happy because these necklaces are result of collaboration between me and my daughter. Yay!
My daughter has choosen and helped me to put all the sea shells and beautiful natural elements like pink sand in the bottles! Money from the sales will be destinated to my daughter's final course travel in May!
The are already in the shop and we even had our first sale already! Yay! :)
Sea in the bottle
Sea in the bottle
Sea in the bottle
Sea in the bottle

Sea in the bottle


Pinar de Sa Coma

We are blessed to live by a small pine forest, just in 5 minutes by foot from our home. This is the place where kids love to play and explore and where I sourse twigs to make clasps for my necklaces!
Only my spring allergy to pollen doesn't love it, but well, it lasts only one month in a whole year. :)
Last Sunday it was sunny and we went to a walk. I thought it wouldn't be nice to hide these photos in the drawer ;)
IMG_7767_1 IMG_7897_1 IMG_7785_1 IMG_7786_1 IMG_7800_1 IMG_7802_1 IMG_7821_1 IMG_7812_1 IMG_7823_1 IMG_7829_1 IMG_7826_1 IMG_7850_1 IMG_7855_1 IMG_7843_1 IMG_7895_1IMG_7875_1


I wish

I wish those japanese bowls would be mine if not - I'll make myself a harakiri :)
I wish to wear that dress and feel myself Heidi and to have her plaits :)
I wish I could use that kettle on our induction stove
I wish it would be cold enough and there was a place where to use those ice skates :)
I'm wondering if that lovely doe would stand pretty nice on my miniature dishes?
I wish those porcelain driftwood spoons was my idea!
I wish it would snow this winter and I could use these beautiful mittens :)
I wish this goldfish could make my wishes complete :)
I wish to go hiking more often :)
I wish I was ontime to purchase that SOLD Swan song ring (well in size 7 would be perfect :))
That hand knit socks remember me my cousin, I wish I could stay with her now, she is waiting for a new baby to arrive these next days....



Well, as well as I remember for the first I've been inspired by my own polymer clay pieces I've made few years ago and I wanted to reproduce something similar in ceramic...

ear studs
I went to a local supplies shop and I fallen in love with these colors... green turquoise - emerald and brown... IMG_6286_1
Summer passed, the colors was waiting for me... IMG_6288_1
Here future ceramic pieces were born...Dried and sanded they went to the kiln. making
Here, baby is ready to be painted :) IMG_6294_1
But, something different came out,new pieces have really nothing to see with my initial inspiration, this is more something about the sea and I love it :)IMG_6295_1
Painted with ceramic pigments and veeery carefully dipped into transparent glaze they go to the kiln again!

Handpainted ceramic pieces
I mounted earring pieces on sterling silver and ring pieces could be pendant pieces as well. At the moment I offer them in the shop as rings but really if you like them as pendants I can mount them on sterling silver bail instead of ring base.
All these pieces are already available in the shop if you die to have some of them :)
And here is a preview for the lovely bow-pendantds as well, I'll list them in about a week, stay tuned! :)


Morning calm

I fallen in love from the first sight with Morning calm when I discovered it on Etsy long time ago...
Today I received my order from Hwasoon - the woodland fairy behind the project!
I love love love everything and feel myself so much treated! Thank you, Hwasoon! :) 명. 고맙습니다


Just life

IMG_7163_1 IMG_7171_1 IMG_7178_1 IMG_7185_1

These uncombed flowers smell heavenly...
IMG_7203_1IMG_7189_1 IMG_7191_1 IMG_7196_1 IMG_7197_1 IMG_7208_1 IMG_7210_1
Can you see that bird?
IMG_7234_1 IMG_7237_1

We had this fluffy as a guest during some days.



IMG_7251_1 IMG_7267_1 IMG_7271_1 IMG_7277_1 IMG_7282_1