Giveaway winners are....

Congratulations to the winners! I'll contact you shortly for your addresses :)

This video is for those who didn't win ;)


  1. Gràcies per el premi de consolació !!! ;D tot un detall per part teva ... jejeje

  2. Oh my gosh, Anastasia!!! I'm so excited!!! It has been such a sad week for me, so you have no idea how much your beautiful gift means. Thank you, my friend! You have such a big heart :-)


  3. Seeing "Apol" in there was very cool. Thank you again, talented creator of fabulous necklaces!

  4. ohhhh que ilusión!!!muchísimas gracias!!! :D:D
    un besazo

  5. thank you so much for the AMAZING package you had put together for my etsy purchase!
    while opening it i felt like a child on christmas eve : ) so many treasures you had put with anastasia, i LOVED everything from the wrappings to the things that i had bought!!!!!!!

    wishing you a nice day and thank you again for
    such a beautiful package,
    vibeke from norway

  6. Felicidades para las ganadoras que podrán disfrutar de tu precioso trabajo. Nosotros lo intentamos pero no nos dejó apuntarnos, esperaremos el próximo. Cuando quieras te invitamos a café en Sineu. Besos de los megustaloquehaces.

  7. Vibeke, I'm so so happy you enjoyed it! :) You make me smile! Thank you!

    Asun, que raro! La próxima vegada avisa'm si tens problemes per deixar un comentari!
    M'apunt lo de Sineu! Gràcies! :)