Sewing machine attacks or New circle scarves

I was sewing on Saturday night, excited, thinking about the future scarves... 5/365 circle scarves

On Sunday my daughter and her friend posed for me wearing the new scarves. It was warm outside and I enjoyed looking at them, they are so young, happy and full of energy...

my lovely Rita...
It was nice also to see somebody else to wear my creations... girlz

These 2 scarves are ready and listed in the shop, but actually there is more different fabric to combine. combos

( ^ I was too tired to make the mosaic better ^-^ ) circle scarf

Now, my brain is stormed with thoughts about the label. I'd love to put label on my scarves... Do you actually put labels on your creations? Check more creative spaces here>>


Friday and new blog

It's friday again, weeks fly away so fast...
I'm coming with some news.
After reading this blog post on Etsy I've been inspired to start my 365 days photo project.
I start the project, I start new blog.

My passion for photography comes from the past and since I began L'Accent Nou taking pictured was reduced to take my creative process and stuff photos. Even I learned a lot and had fun, I'd love to fill in my every day with more photography, catching special moments of everyday, shooting every day, sharing every day...it's my way to stay more awaken and alive...


There is a little architect in my head

There is a little architect in my head....combining, imagining, viewing, constructing, playing...
Really, since I discovered the combination of clay with pearls my head doesn't stop to imagine.
There is an endless sea of possibilities...

Like this..
 or like this...
ray of light
Like this...
an object
or like this..
suspended - necklace
Like this...
or...like I sketched today and maybe will show you later :)...

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Carnaval, Australian peculiarities and kitchen experiments

 Well, these days I was busy on the kitchen, sewing my daughter's carnaval costume and taking care of my newest baby, my daughter (which sometimes is unbearably naughty...oh, teenagers!:)), my lttle sweet dictator of son ( NO and why? are his fav words right now) and my husband (which composes songs for a new cd now, so for the first time I live this exciting process very closely)...
  I was sewing a skirt for the first time. As it was a carnaval skirt I was relaxed about the final result. I remember when I was little girl, my mom sewn for me with patterns from Burda Moden. I loved Burda Moden, I read all the magazines from the first page untill the last one. All the articles beginning from the articles about Tampax and O.b. untill How to take care of parrots and plants, Christmas cookies receipes, every single picture and  photographies were scanned by me and some of them became my refferents...
I went to the hairdresser with Burda Moden to show the haircut I want and I dreamed to have the same look like the girl in a jean-skirt dirty in motor oil.....
Also I remember how terrified I felt myself looking on the piece of fabric and how I was afraid to cut it and to make a mistake, to broke it forever...
Now I know that the best things come out when I'm relaxed and let it flow, no hurries, no stress, have fun and enjoy...and don't be afraid.
So when I found this poster I loved it so much...
Many thanks to Feel Design to share this poster

So here are my kids yesterday before to go to school:
Oh yes, I almost forgot about accident with Australian custom.
Today I received a message from an Australian customer. She told me that parcel I've sent her was opened and all the organic things I put in were destroyed due to Australian quarantine laws.
When I pack my pebble jewelry I put some pine leaves on the bottom of the box and add some tamarisc cones. So now I know I shouldn't do it for the Astralian orders. And share my experience with you.

Here are some kitchen exaperiments...:)
I'm a big fan of auberginies and this week I tried to cook my first Escalivada. I discovered this delicious Catalan dish here on Mallorca and I fallen in love instantly.
It was easier then I imagined. Originally Escalivada is prepared from vegetables roasted on fire, but  you can do it in the common oven as well.

Punch auberginies, tomatoes (I didn't have tomatoes), red sweet peppers, onion and garlic and put some olive oil on the top. Put everything in the oven and bake it during about 1h and half at 180ºC turning vegetables around sometimes. (I did it once) (I made a mistake, I broken the garlic bulb and put cloves separately and almost all of them burnt. Put the entire bulb, just punch a bit every clove). Once vegetables are cooked and cold, peel them off and cut them along. Put them in a bowl all together , add salt, some fresh crushed garlic and olive oil. Enjoy! Keep it in a pot in the refrigerator. My pot is empty already. Escalivada with fresh bread is DELICIOUS!

Well, here we are.
I want to wish you a great day and wonderful week-end!


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DIY means "Do it yourself" :) 
So, to wrap these pouches I wanted to make some stamped wrapping paper and I decided to Do it myself :)
new pouches
Here are some pics about how to make rubber stamps to personalize your wrapping paper or making your stationery...
 1. Draw.
 2. Transfer your drawing to the curving bock with help of a coin.
 3. Use curving tools. I used tools for linoleum curving. They work out great!
 4. Curve!
 5. Stamp, stamp, stamp! :)
my ikat pouches wrapped
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Old or new? Ugly or beautiful?

Just some time ago I couldn't imagine myself wearing pearl necklace.
On Mallorca pearl industry is a touristic topic and I always thought pearls was not for me. Pearls are something very classic and I can't consider my taste classic at all. I love everything out-standing and surprising...
So I loved the idea to combine pearls with clay.... It sounds like "The Beast and the Beauty"...:)  for myself
Now, I'm making a necklace for myself!
I want something I can wear a lot. Something delicate and small...
an object
Also, this is a new piece I'm working on.... At the beginning I imagined a plate, now I see it could be a pendant or a wall art piece as well... What do you see there? :)

Weather forecast promises Siberian cold for tomorrow. Me and kids, we are waiting for snow! It would be a real feast for little ones! Let's keep our fingers crossed...

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