Old or new? Ugly or beautiful?

Just some time ago I couldn't imagine myself wearing pearl necklace.
On Mallorca pearl industry is a touristic topic and I always thought pearls was not for me. Pearls are something very classic and I can't consider my taste classic at all. I love everything out-standing and surprising...
So I loved the idea to combine pearls with clay.... It sounds like "The Beast and the Beauty"...:)  for myself
Now, I'm making a necklace for myself!
I want something I can wear a lot. Something delicate and small...
an object
Also, this is a new piece I'm working on.... At the beginning I imagined a plate, now I see it could be a pendant or a wall art piece as well... What do you see there? :)

Weather forecast promises Siberian cold for tomorrow. Me and kids, we are waiting for snow! It would be a real feast for little ones! Let's keep our fingers crossed...

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  1. I love that combination. Very clever :)

  2. The pearl and clay look great together! as to your mystery piece...not sure what it could be, but I love the photo!!

    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

  3. I like the mystery piece - perhaps a container for other jewellery?

  4. Tiny plate, right?
    Thank you for your opinion, Anna! :)

  5. I imagine this as a beautiful and elegant pendant...But I'm sure it'll be another amazing piece :-)
    Kiss and snowflakes from Italy.Brrrrrr!!!!!

  6. I especially enjoy how you mix materials for contrast of color and texture.