Sewing machine attacks or New circle scarves

I was sewing on Saturday night, excited, thinking about the future scarves... 5/365 circle scarves

On Sunday my daughter and her friend posed for me wearing the new scarves. It was warm outside and I enjoyed looking at them, they are so young, happy and full of energy...

my lovely Rita...
It was nice also to see somebody else to wear my creations... girlz

These 2 scarves are ready and listed in the shop, but actually there is more different fabric to combine. combos

( ^ I was too tired to make the mosaic better ^-^ ) circle scarf

Now, my brain is stormed with thoughts about the label. I'd love to put label on my scarves... Do you actually put labels on your creations? Check more creative spaces here>>


  1. me encantan!!!!! y Rita está preciosa!!!!

  2. beautiful fabrics ......... and such lovely models!

  3. que divina es Rita! se parece a ti, de tal madre tal hija! ;)

  4. yep, I do ... just a simple statement : crochet.
    (gehaakt. in my language) as people don't even notice it's crochetwork.
    The design is really you, so sure you should
    label them !

  5. Lovely Rita indeed! (remind me on a beatles song..)
    and yes I would labeling the beautiful scarfs!

  6. Your scarfs are beautiful, Anastasia! I recommend a label too. They deserve to wear your name/brand!!!

  7. Molt bones fotos, i que guapa està na Rita!!

  8. Gracias, thank you and gràcies to all of you!
    I'm working on labels :)

    Jordi, li diré a na Rita ;)