Magic happens here

Choosing leaves to make green leaves ear studs
 I make each leaf from polymer clay embossing it with dried leaves. future ear studs
After few days of drying, I paint them with ink. ink
Voilà! Here's my spring collection! :) spring spring spring spring spring future ear studs
Let's have fun! :) future ear studs
One day I'd love to make a drawn cartoon... future ear studs
Meanwhile, spring is awakening,... on my ears as well, why not? :)
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Bang-les! :)

Well, I was supposed to prepare some pieces for pit-firing from this white textured clay. I didn't yet, but I made some bangles. Yep! :)

"Pit firing is the oldest known method for the firing of pottery. Examples have been dated as early as 29,000–25,000 BCE. Kilns have since replaced pit firing as the most widespread method of firing pottery, although the technique still finds limited use amongst certain studio potters. Unfired pots are nestled together in a pit in the ground and are then covered with combustible materials such as wood shavings, leaves, metal oxides, salts, sawdust and dried manure..." source
Bangles were drying during the week-end, and today I sanded them and left them in the kiln for the first firing.
I'd love to pit-fire them, but I'm not sure about the result. Let it be an experiment.
fragrant plant
Here are some examples of pit-fired pottery on Etsy >>



Do you remember these "gingersnaps"? ;) Edible?
At the moment when I began the necklace it was so quiet at home, baby was sleeping... I made this short video. Music is Somiatruites by Albert Plà.
So here's the full set. Necklace is finished with my little hallmark, tiny plates of earrings has been set on sterling silver wire and a sterling silver ring base has been attachet to the ring-plate. The name that occured to me is Abundance. I wanted to make something that gives a feeling of fullness, of plenitude. The mantra, the message of this set is: Everything you need is already inside yourself...in every moment you are Abundance... Abundance set
Ring and earrings re-make. I love them much more in this way!Abundance set Abundance ring Abundance earrings Abundance necklace Abundance necklace
I almost forgot: All this beauty is available in my shop>>

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Marta's honey - artisanal honey by Marta from Artà, Mallorca.

Mel de na Marta - mel artesanal, d'Artà, Mallorca
Mel artesanal - Honey
Almond tree and medlar tree flowers honey (my fav), 1000 flowers and lemon tree flowers honey.

Mel d'ametler i nesprer(el meu preferit, amb un sabor molt intens), mel de llimoner i de mil flors.Mel artesanal - Honey
This is a little tribute to local, artisanal product. Comsume products produced locally to reduce your carbon footprint.

És un petit homenatge al producte local i artesanal.
Consumeix productes locals per reduir la teva empremta de carbó.
Honey - Mel artesanal


Sneak peek - More labels and packaging

Here is just a sneak peek into the studio accompanied by these wonderfully smelling flowers and bright Mediterranean day light...
Other day I received my woven labels and yesterday I was sewing them to all the scarves and pouches and bags... IMG_4021_1 IMG_4036_1 IMG_3990_1 IMG_3968_1 IMG_4050_1

Labeled, packed, ready to ship.ready to ship

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Need change

Recently I was thinking to cut my hair. Short. Very short.
But I couldn't find time to call to the hairdresser...Couldn't find time or was afraid to go out of "comfort zone"?
Today my husband, after hearing me saying one more time: "I want to cut my hair! I need a change!", told me : I'm tired to hear that! Go and cut your hair!need change
 So I did. Not so short, just the fringe. need change
 I can't recognize myself. I look like not me.:)

odjfgihdsghougeqvervgevg!!!, I almost forgot!
I'm so happy because one of my necklaces has been featured in Chick pea magazine Spring issue!!!
"It's a quarterly vegan magazine, which takes its content from submissions from around the internet. .."
You can read it online or purchase a printed copy or a year's subscription. Chick pea autumn and winter  issues are available to read online too!
"Printed copies are sustainably printed and shipped, and use recycled paper and vegetable-based inks. they’re very high quality publications, more of a mix between a coffee table photography book and recipe book. it’s wonderful to have around, much easier to cook from than any website, and great to let other people read who’ve never heard of veganism before.
as always, it’s ad-free, and if you get a year’s subscription the shipping is included in the price...!"
Chick pea home page>>

You'll find my necklace on the page 77! The magazine is full of great receipes, interesting articles and good photography!



Today Roc tried banana for the first time! And he really enjoyed it! Roc's firts banana

 I can't avoid thinkig about Kiyomi every time I use this beautiful handmade plate. Kioymi is a japanese ceramist behind KoideStudio 

  Roc's first banana pure

I think, here is the difference between industrial and handmade. Handmade connects you with that person who made the object ...isn't it beautiful?
And then, I begin to think about all the people who wear and use things I made and I feel myself so excited...how many smiles, how many "you made my day", how many "I enjoy it everyday", "it was like Christmas to open the parcel", "it was so much fun"...e t.c., e t.c...I close my eyes and I feel myself so good, like floating in the sea...free and happy...
I'm so very grateful to all the customers who leaves feedback, write me a message or even send me a picture! This is beautiufl!

Today, today, today...I simply enjoyed to stay with my family. A sunny sunday, warm, at home, walk in the garden with Roc, cooking lunch and improvising these small pan-cakes.
small pan-cakes

They turned out quite beautiful, a bit lacy and tasty :)
If you are curious about receipe it's quite simple:

I used soy milk you can use also any kind of milk
some water
1 egg
some salt
baking powder
vanilla sugar
wheat flour

I can't tell you the proportions bc I didn't measure the ingridients.
Also you can prepare them without the baking powder but with yeast.
sunday sunday

Also I enjoyed a lot reading this post . I'm sure you'll love it too!
Have a nice evening and beautiful beginning of the week!



There is something new is "baking" in my studio...

These remember me russian oatmeal cookies, they were my favourites....
Oatmeal cookies with milk....mmmm...delicious!
There is a tiny plate, future ring and probably earrings...a set.
I'll finish these with...yes, you guessed - with pearls and coral beads... IMG_3551_1
And then, hopefully it'll be even more "delicious" than oatmeal cookies with milk :)

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Leaving a trace

I spent a whole day sketching labels and I didn't draw anyhting worthing. Finally I draw something I liked and I decided to use tools I already have.
 My options were:
*Block printing (curve a stamp)
*Gocco screen printing (I purchased a Gocco printer more then a year ago and still didn't find COURAGE to print something with it yet *BLUSHING*)

block printing labels
 So I curved the stamp and used Riso cloth ink (which I purchased after I purchased the Gocco printer) and I tried to print on fabric. I missed rubber brayer and palette to apply the ink better, but in general I'm quite satisfied with the result. I find something magic in printing, so I was very excited and enjoyed a ton "leaving my trace" on fabric.

sewing labels

Some ironing and labels are ready to be sewn.  Do you see this tiny yellow flower? - It's my son's "signs of attention" :)making labels

Also, I made some stitches on the cotton ribbon and I found they looked awesome, so I decided to add these stitched labels on the inside side of the scarves as well. some stitching
 So here they are! How do you find them? ;) labels
 And here is a new scarf, ready to embrace and warm somebody's neck :) new color
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