Leaving a trace

I spent a whole day sketching labels and I didn't draw anyhting worthing. Finally I draw something I liked and I decided to use tools I already have.
 My options were:
*Block printing (curve a stamp)
*Gocco screen printing (I purchased a Gocco printer more then a year ago and still didn't find COURAGE to print something with it yet *BLUSHING*)

block printing labels
 So I curved the stamp and used Riso cloth ink (which I purchased after I purchased the Gocco printer) and I tried to print on fabric. I missed rubber brayer and palette to apply the ink better, but in general I'm quite satisfied with the result. I find something magic in printing, so I was very excited and enjoyed a ton "leaving my trace" on fabric.

sewing labels

Some ironing and labels are ready to be sewn.  Do you see this tiny yellow flower? - It's my son's "signs of attention" :)making labels

Also, I made some stitches on the cotton ribbon and I found they looked awesome, so I decided to add these stitched labels on the inside side of the scarves as well. some stitching
 So here they are! How do you find them? ;) labels
 And here is a new scarf, ready to embrace and warm somebody's neck :) new color
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  1. Bravo ~ most excellent! Love it and it is so you!!!

  2. It is so spectacularly you! Love your new scarves, too!!

  3. that are just awesome handmade labels !!!!!!!

  4. as always your details are just beautiful!