Today Roc tried banana for the first time! And he really enjoyed it! Roc's firts banana

 I can't avoid thinkig about Kiyomi every time I use this beautiful handmade plate. Kioymi is a japanese ceramist behind KoideStudio 

  Roc's first banana pure

I think, here is the difference between industrial and handmade. Handmade connects you with that person who made the object ...isn't it beautiful?
And then, I begin to think about all the people who wear and use things I made and I feel myself so excited...how many smiles, how many "you made my day", how many "I enjoy it everyday", "it was like Christmas to open the parcel", "it was so much fun"...e t.c., e t.c...I close my eyes and I feel myself so good, like floating in the sea...free and happy...
I'm so very grateful to all the customers who leaves feedback, write me a message or even send me a picture! This is beautiufl!

Today, today, today...I simply enjoyed to stay with my family. A sunny sunday, warm, at home, walk in the garden with Roc, cooking lunch and improvising these small pan-cakes.
small pan-cakes

They turned out quite beautiful, a bit lacy and tasty :)
If you are curious about receipe it's quite simple:

I used soy milk you can use also any kind of milk
some water
1 egg
some salt
baking powder
vanilla sugar
wheat flour

I can't tell you the proportions bc I didn't measure the ingridients.
Also you can prepare them without the baking powder but with yeast.
sunday sunday

Also I enjoyed a lot reading this post . I'm sure you'll love it too!
Have a nice evening and beautiful beginning of the week!


  1. I love the slices of life that I see in your photos. The ceramic bowl--I must go check out that artist. And, even if I never saw a single photo of your creations, based on the feedback you get, I would purchase from you!

  2. yep of course I enjoyed ! Roc is such a pretty guy !