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Clay and leather. Simply made with my hands.
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Spoil your Mom

Somehow spontaneously I thought today that it would be nice to make a sale for Mother's day.
Even I'm sure that our Moms really seek for our love and warmth, this is nothing about gifts...
but well, if you decided to treat your Mom on Mother's day, there is a lovely opportunity to save 20% on your purchase from my shop....use LOVEUMOM coupon code. Until May 6th.
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What the girl Wants (Washi)

Postman arrives with parcels with washi tape and the girl's happy...
She takes some paper cuts and begins to play...

Her heart sings with these classic japanese patterns..
Untitled Untitled

Not 'sushi'! 
Washi! :P Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled
Probably she'll need something like this...
or something like this!
Here are some fun washi tape gift wrapping ideas by Esther Ramirez  >>

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Memory to recuperate

Son Coletes is the name of cementery of Manacor.
There is a grave, a pit, where a lot of people who were murdered by fascists in the 1936 are still laying.
My husband's grandfather is there.
When my mother in law was 3 years old, her father (father of 6) was murdered on Son Coletes with lots others....their bodies  have been piled up in a grave, all together and there is no law in Spain yet which allows to open graves all over the country, to investigate, to find relatives, to make a dignified funeral and to take off the fascist judgements.

During a lot of time speaking about Civil war was a taboo.
Now, grandsons and granddaughters want to know why and how their grandmothers and grandfathers were killed, they whant to know the story their parents were silent about during all this time...
They don't afraid anymore like their parents did... 
Few years ago Associasion for recuperation of historical memory was created here on Mallorca island and similar organizations all over the Spanish state. Thousands of testimonials have been recollected, thousands of stories have been written in books...
But a big part of Spanish society is not ready to condemn fascist Franco's dictature yet... 
They say: These are things of the past, let's forget about it! Don't speak more about it!

I really think this discuss is dangerous. Is like to say: Let's forget about what Hitler did!

The memory, they need, we, as a global community, need to recuperate,.. knowing our past can try to make our present, our future better.
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Feeling blue

feeling blue is rain...
feeling blue is gray...

rain rain rain
Watercolor, pencil and thread on watercolor paper.
Gray cardboard support. A4


I sew

new pouch
Today I remembered I had some cut pieces of fabric to sew a pouch from.
So I just had to begin to sew.
I made this lovely pouch in spring colors.new pouch
Don't ask me how could I sew with 2 little boys at home - one almost 5 months and another one 3 years old, because I can't understand it now.  :)

i sew
I was not sure about the button.... Eureka! - In the drawer I found few ceramic buttons I made probably more than a year ago! I loved the idea to use them in my sewn pieces as well as the handstamped decorative labels.

Instead of faux leather cord I use in blue pouches, I used cotton cord.

i sew
This lovely baggy can be a storage basket, a travel case, a cosmetic bag or a nice handmade gift.

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I'm little bit sad because Succulent necklace is sold. Succulent necklace - ceramic, gemstones, twig, silk Succulent necklace Succulent necklace
I thought it would be nice to make a passport, where to show the elements it consists of.
So I made one.
a gorgeous deep orange-brown-white faceted agate bead, aqua-terra jasper and red jasper, turquoise accents, black clay fired at about 900-1000ºC turned out gray, randomly textured, long quirky beads, pine twig I brought from the pine forest not far from home, emerald color silk thread and a single red clay bead.
An extravagant combination of elements, magic, beautiful...
succulent necklace passport
Succulent necklace
I left the parcel with the necklace on the post office today...
I feel sad but excited at the same time...


Sculpture project

This year our task in ceramic workshop was to try to make a big sculpture consisting of few pieces.
Everybody was completely free about the shape and kind of clay to choose.
I decided to look for a simple shape and make a kind of tower.
When I began I wanted to make a straight tower, but then I improvised and added a fancy chapeau on the top ;)

 Look at this giant cactus!!!
Even my piece turned out not too big, mission was completed. 4/365
Fired piece, transported home.sculpture
OMG! It began to bloom! the top finished with pearls the top finished with pearls the top finished with pearls the top finished with pearls the top finished with pearls
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