I'm little bit sad because Succulent necklace is sold. Succulent necklace - ceramic, gemstones, twig, silk Succulent necklace Succulent necklace
I thought it would be nice to make a passport, where to show the elements it consists of.
So I made one.
a gorgeous deep orange-brown-white faceted agate bead, aqua-terra jasper and red jasper, turquoise accents, black clay fired at about 900-1000ºC turned out gray, randomly textured, long quirky beads, pine twig I brought from the pine forest not far from home, emerald color silk thread and a single red clay bead.
An extravagant combination of elements, magic, beautiful...
succulent necklace passport
Succulent necklace
I left the parcel with the necklace on the post office today...
I feel sad but excited at the same time...


  1. I am very sure it will be well loved ..♥ how could they help not to??? ~:o)

  2. the one receiving it will be overwhelmed by it's beauty and your love that you have put into it ! Marvellous!

  3. ...I've always loved this one, and I'm sure the woman who gets this is going to feel sooo very lucky!

  4. I love it ! Wonderful necklance !Gratulations ! :)))