I sew

new pouch
Today I remembered I had some cut pieces of fabric to sew a pouch from.
So I just had to begin to sew.
I made this lovely pouch in spring colors.new pouch
Don't ask me how could I sew with 2 little boys at home - one almost 5 months and another one 3 years old, because I can't understand it now.  :)

i sew
I was not sure about the button.... Eureka! - In the drawer I found few ceramic buttons I made probably more than a year ago! I loved the idea to use them in my sewn pieces as well as the handstamped decorative labels.

Instead of faux leather cord I use in blue pouches, I used cotton cord.

i sew
This lovely baggy can be a storage basket, a travel case, a cosmetic bag or a nice handmade gift.

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  1. ..○• Gorgeous!! •○.. Love the springtime colors.. looks like the tulips that are popping out all over the place!

    You must be a super mom! ... I had 1 little boy and I don't know what I got done ... he is now 15. Having two boys ~ they can play together. Our kids are 7 years apart .. Anna was a good entertainer for her little brother however .. ~:o)

  2. Thank you, Lisa! :)
    We've got 3 kids. The eldest one Rita, she is 10 now, 7 years apart with Arnau which is 3 y.o.. Sometimes they play together rather good.
    I guess, Arnau and Roc will play together one day too...:)

  3. No matter what you do, it's beautiful!

  4. spring is definitelty in the air when I look at this gorgeous pouch !

  5. so pretty the colours are absoulutly gorgeous!

  6. Pretty, cheerful colours. Very Spring-like (which is refreshing since we are heading into Autumn here).