Little celebration

Spring is definitly here. The day is longer, and I love it,... even some days it seems like time passes faster...
My last month of freedom before I'll begin to work in the hotel in May...Probably that's why minuts and days seem to me shorter and I live them devouringly...

'Primavera' means spring in Spanish and in Catalan too.
Vera is my mom's name. I just love how it sounds -  Primavera...
Do you like this photo?
You can download it here>> and if you wish, print it (for personal use only, please), or use it on your computer desktop...This downloadable photo is a part of Spring celebration I decided to organise for my followers.

Another part is Spring sale in my shop. With coupon code PRIMAVERA you can spoil yourself with something nice and get 20% off. The coupon code will be "on" untill April 16th.
spring sale

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  1. what a perfect shot!!!


    did you take this? .. wow .

  2. thank you, Lisa! :)
    yes, it's mine :)

  3. I love the image, Anastasia! I already favorited it on Flickr! ;)

  4. ...incredible how you caught it frozen in movement!

  5. I used it on my office computer as desktopimage ! Makes me smile everytime I look at it. Thank you for sharing your wunderful photography. Good luck for the new season ;-)

  6. yay! great, Sandra! :)
    Thank you for letting me know! It makes me smile too! :)

    thank you! xoxo

  7. It is a really stunning photo. Great capture.