Adiós, Pilar!

Adiós, Pilar! Adiós, my dear, lovely friend!...
I still can't believe she's not with us anymore....
No No No!
I feel so angry and impotent!!!!...

We all loved her so much. It was easy to love her - always smiling and "with a joke in the pocket", happy, full of life, beautiful... I can't believe I write this post..am I sleeping?
 I'm sorry, but I can't pretend like nothing happend...it happend... my world is darker now and more sad,... as well it is full of sweet memories about time we spent together working and out of work, having a mojito in the bar, walking in the port and looking for shells on the beach, eating somewhere, eating at her home with her husband and son, here, at home when she came to see my newborn sons....
 I can't avoid to smile remembering Pilar, because she was a feast, we laughed so much together :)
Pilar and Mara Jesús were two women who received me at the reception when I started to work in the hotel in the 2006 back then. They taught me so much. We shared so much time together....

Maria Jesús and Pilar kidding :)

Leticia and Pilar kidding again :)
She was diagnosted with breast cancer about 10 years ago. After an operation it looked like the deseas stopped, but not, it has reappeared 3 years ago in her bones. After a long treatment of chemio and recently radio she still told us she was ok and we met about 1 month ago in a cafe. It was our last meeting...
She loved tea and all things natural. I bought her some green tea but I was not on time to give it to her...

Really, nobody expected she will pass away so fast...

Me, on the 9th month of pregnance with Arnau (wow, a really big girl :)) and Pilar, explaining how to make picture to the person who takes picture :)

I try to catch invisible threads of her in the air and to give her a hug...
Adiós, Pilar! You'll always stay in my heart.


  1. oh, anastasia...
    what a lovely friendship.
    lo siento ♥

  2. It's so sad to lose a special friend. Hugs ♥

  3. "Las hojas caen, caen de muy lejos
    como mustiadas en el cielo, en remotos
    jardines, caen: como un ademán de rechazo.
    Y en las noches, la pesada tierra cae,
    fuera de las estrellas, en la soledad.
    Todos caemos. Cae mi mano.
    Y mira los demás: en todas ellas está.
    No obstante, hay alguien que detiene esas caídas
    con infinita dulzura entre sus manos."
    (Rainer Maria Rilke)

    I'm so near to you, my sweet friend.
    Linda xo

  4. I'm SO very sorry to hear about your loss, Anastasia!
    ((((((BIG HUGS))))))

  5. such a nice tribute to her ! Life can be so damn hard. Big hug too !!!

  6. СОБОЛЕЗНУЮ ... Этот злаполучный рак ! Будь он ...

  7. Oh de verdad que lamento tu pérdida.. pero en realidad no es una pérdida, Pilar estará siempre junto a uds y junto a todos los que la conocieron y compartieron con ella. Recuerda que las personas que amamos siempre estan vivas en nuestros corazones y pensamientos. Recibe un gran abrazo.

    1. Sí, Vanesa, Pilar siempre estará en nuestros corazones y recuerdos, pero tendria que vivir todavia y disfrutar de la vida, con su familia y amigos...
      muchas gracias por tu apoyo!

  8. ...so heart-crunching a moment...she looks such the beautiful soul. My condolences!

  9. Ànims Anastasia!
    Take a big hug!

  10. I'm so sorry that your friend lost the battle, Anastasia! :( Cancer is such an unfair battle to fight! Giving you a mighty big hug from Belgium, sweet!!! XO

  11. Sentimos la pérdida de tu amiga-compañera Pilar, te mandamos un abrazo gordote, aunque sabemos que no es un adiós sino un hasta siempre y que tu corazón y tus vivencias siempre te permitirán recordarla.
    Un besote guapa.