Summer calls

cala s'almunia
My associations with summer are - beach, sun, figs, summer flavours, my daughter's and my birthdays, a lot of other beautiful things and ....work in the hotel.
Good sides of this work - I actually love being with people, chatting with our customers, possibility to speak English and sometimes other languages like French per example. Also working 8 hours daily makes me appreciate much more my free time, my days off and timeI spend with my family. I organize myself better..even I don't have time to do everything I want...
I love going to the hotel by scooter and see all these beautiful landscapes and breath deeply fragrant island air,.. dreaming while driving, listening for the music in the car and singing sometimes. "Back numbers" of Dean and Britta was my fav CD for last 3 years...it was my calming theraphy...
Also I love that this work lasts only 6 months, then, I'm a stay at home mom, maker, dreamer and a million of things more :)

Bad sides: I can't have my holidays on summer - when my kids are on holidays.
Somedays I'm completely exhausted when I finish my work. I love people, but attending 2000 customers between 2-3 receptionists is too much.
Our boss, he is like a computer, he just sees numbers and letters...he definitly needs a girlfiend :)
Also, everytime I'm there I ask myself: what are you doing here?
I need to change something...
I will.


  1. you juggle SO much, anastasia.
    i love this little peek into your other world.
    and that you scooter to & from.
    such a beautiful place, your island ♥

  2. ...I didn't know about your job, Anastasia...and I am sure you will change something somehow. Just keep up the beautiful creating!

  3. Wow, I admire your ability of changing and swapping worlds, it must be difficult not to spend time with your children when they are on vacation!

  4. I understand your stress a 200 % ... let's both look for something different that makes us happy ;-)

  5. Wow, what a beautiful ocean you have!! I imagine your hotel is amazing ^^)
    But yes, I used to have an office job and used to ask myself the same question. In the end, I figured that following my true passion is the best and the most meaningful thing to do in life. Anxieties and other struggles could come along but having such a passion itself is a lucky thing. Good luck!!

  6. But finally summer is good ;-)
    PD: hahahah (about the need of your boss... :p)

  7. Why are u working 8 hours, but not 4? Чет это не законно как-то...