Timeless holy mud

Little girls sits in the mud and plays with it...


The mud - where we came from and where we'll go to...timeless holy mud... Threaded memories - necklace

This poem of Omar Khayyam is popping-up in my mind right now...

Когда судьба меня растопчет, как цветок,
Рассеет по земле мой каждый лепесток,
И глиной станет прах, кувшином станет глина,—
Налей вина в кувшин, чтоб он воскреснуть смог.

When the fate will crush me, like a flower
 And will scatter my every petal on the ground,
And my ashes will become clay, clay will become a pitcher -
Pour wine into the pitcher, so it was able to rise again.

Check "The best place to be is in my studio" on Mud Colony and have fun!


  1. your work, the poem... just beautiful.

    those beads in the last photo make me catch my breath, they are striking ♥

  2. circle of life ... ♥

    have a most delightful week .. happy creating!!!

    1. Thank you, Lisa!
      Have a great week you too!

    2. I love seeing how your beautiful clay beads are created Anastasia! Your blog is really well done and beautiful, and your creations are lovely.