Simple pleasures - pastels

I'm trying new color clay. Once fired it turns out dusty mauve color, rough and soft at the same time... IMG_8974_1
Washing beads after firing to remove clay dust - suddenly beads become little fervescent geysers....:) IMG_9166_1
Geysers are not geysers anymore - they are... a necklace...
Threaded on silk thread and finished with a single rose quartz bead and a pine twig...
IMG_9168_1 IMG_9171_1 IMG_9521_1


Escape to the sea

We left our kids at school and kindergarden and went to the sea with my friend.
The weather and light were strange and beautiful. Mountains were hidden in the mist.
IMG_9046_1 IMG_9048_1 IMG_9057_1
I love this wide and wild place...IMG_9059_1 IMG_9060_1
Sea foam IMG_9061_1 IMG_9066_1
One more IMG_9067_1
The sea was coming and running away tireless, showing me pebbles and hiding them again. I was enchanted by this magic ritual... IMG_9072_1 IMG_9084_1 IMG_9041_1 IMG_9087_1


Raised from ashes - Pit firing - results

Raised from ashes flashes on my hand...a true eye catcher...
I'm not only leave my eyes on it, I leave my heart there too...
Love it.
Bangles and the pot, earrings...
pit fired pit fired

pit fired

When I saw pieces after firing, at the first sight I thought that they didn't turn out well, but then, I saw all these gorgeous subtle gray shadows and rust sparks...
...already finished with jasper, sandal wood beads, leather, silk and sterling silver.

raised from ashes - pit fired IMG_9383_1 IMG_9247_1 pit fired

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Simple pleasures

    Which are things you enjoy in life?
    aren't they such simple things like
    feeding your loved ones
    walking in the woods
   simply breath
   sleep and feel good
   counting stars

Thinking about this I created this simple necklace as a reminder - life is filled with sacred beautiful simple moments....don't forget to enjoy them!
Simple pleasures necklace
Simple pleasures necklace


Pit firing

Finally this day has arrived! I was waiting for it so long time. Pit firing day! :)
This is the picture I saw when I woke up - foggy morning, sleepy, humid and warm....

With Pit firing I've learned a new word - "pit". As I understood, this technique is a combination of a primitive way to fire ceramics in a simple pit, filled with iron oxidized with acid and other materials like algae, leaves, horse hair, salts e t c... This is the description I found in Wikipedia:

 "..Pit firing is the oldest known method for the firing of pottery. Examples have been dated as early as 29,000–25,000 BCE. Kilns have since replaced pit firing as the most widespread method of firing pottery, although the technique still finds limited use amongst certain studio potters. Unfired pots are nestled together in a pit in the ground and are then covered with combustible materials such as wood shavings, leaves, metal oxides, salts, sawdust and dried manure. The top of the pit may be protected with moist clay, shards, larger pieces of wood or metal baffles. The filled pit is then set on fire and carefully tended until most of the inner fuel has been consumed. At around 1,100°C (2,000°F) the maximum temperatures are moderate compared to other techniques used for pottery[3]. After cooling, pots are removed and cleaned to reveal patterns and colors left by ash and salt deposits. Pots may then be waxed and buffed to create a smooth glossy finish..."

Isn't exciting? I almost feel myself a cavewoman!

When I arrived to the place I found my workshop mates sanding pieces.
In difference to Wikipedia description we had already fired pieces (in an electric kiln) prepared, made of hight temperature white impalpable chamotte clay.
I only had made some bangles, some little pieces and one quite imperfect and unfinished wheel thrown pot.
Do you remember these bangles?
bangles bangles
I sanded a bit my pieces too and wrapped them with an iron mesh adding leaves and algae fixing everything with fabric and thread. IMG_8603_1 IMG_8608_1 IMG_8612_1 IMG_8605_1

This handsome guy surprised myself licking my legs - they must be tasty hehe :) IMG_8595_1 IMG_8590_1 IMG_8593_1 IMG_8609_1 IMG_8611_1
Iron mesh and small details are added and oxidized then with acid to create rust impressions on the surface of pieces.
IMG_8614_1 IMG_8617_1 IMG_8616_1 IMG_8626_1
Iron mesh and algae.Algae are added because of high salts content which in high temperature create beautiful red coloring.
My bangles and pieces ↑   and my pot (many thanks to Catie for the arrows :)) 
IMG_8629_1 IMG_8655_1 IMG_8651_1 IMG_8647_1 IMG_8659_1 IMG_8657_1
Acid IMG_8672_1
My mistake was using new fabric - it didn't absorbe acid well. IMG_8673_1
Putting pieces to the pit IMG_8707_1 IMG_8694_1 IMG_8689_1
Pieces covered with algae IMG_8690_1
...and wood shavings...algae and wood shavings...salts...algae and wood shavings....salts...
I felt myself little bit witch :)
Ready to go! :) IMG_8715_1
Fire! IMG_8721_1 IMG_8728_1 IMG_8729_1
We'll come back in few days when wood shaings are completely consumed by fire...and pots are get cold.. IMG_8706_1
It's time for a nap! IMG_8738_1