Escape to the sea

We left our kids at school and kindergarden and went to the sea with my friend.
The weather and light were strange and beautiful. Mountains were hidden in the mist.
IMG_9046_1 IMG_9048_1 IMG_9057_1
I love this wide and wild place...IMG_9059_1 IMG_9060_1
Sea foam IMG_9061_1 IMG_9066_1
One more IMG_9067_1
The sea was coming and running away tireless, showing me pebbles and hiding them again. I was enchanted by this magic ritual... IMG_9072_1 IMG_9084_1 IMG_9041_1 IMG_9087_1


  1. thank you so much for sharing, this gave me a big smile on my face, it's such a pretty place, totally different from what I know in Mallorca.

    1. yes, Sandra, this place is not a very touristic one :)
      Actually this kind of places are my favorite ones.
      It's pity that often ppl coming to the island don't discover it from this side...

  2. you and i,
    on distant shores.
    with dear friends,
    submerged in beauty ♥

  3. a cloudy grey day at the sea...perfect.

  4. qué lugar más bonito!
    tus fotos me hacen añorar caminar en la playa :)