Raised from ashes - Pit firing - results

Raised from ashes flashes on my hand...a true eye catcher...
I'm not only leave my eyes on it, I leave my heart there too...
Love it.
Bangles and the pot, earrings...
pit fired pit fired

pit fired

When I saw pieces after firing, at the first sight I thought that they didn't turn out well, but then, I saw all these gorgeous subtle gray shadows and rust sparks...
...already finished with jasper, sandal wood beads, leather, silk and sterling silver.

raised from ashes - pit fired IMG_9383_1 IMG_9247_1 pit fired

By the way, have you seen new About feature on Etsy? I love it so much! Welcome to check my About page too! :)



  1. I love the results of your pit-firing...and Anastasia, your 'about' page is brilliant!!!

  2. that came out awesome ! But one wouldn't expect it any other way when came from your hands !

  3. The results are amazing! I love the subtle colors, beautiful! I'm going to have a look at your "about page " right now

  4. wow .. wow .... wow .... WoW ... I absolutely love the affect!!! The colors are so rich and earthy .... My colors!!! and you added the final touches sooooo amazingly!! WoW!

    1. I'm happy you love them, Lisa!
      Thank you!!!

    2. I agree with these ladies, these new pieces are amazing! I particularly love the ring. I read your about page as well and I love it! I can definitely see how you've been inspired by nature-it comes through in your work. Very cool!

  5. Amazing work and the photos are beautiful us your About page! Congrats for your work!!

  6. te quedó lindísima tu página "about" con esas fotos tan cálidas y bellas!
    yo aún no actualizo la mía, espero hacerlo prontito!!

    un beso guapa!!

  7. hermosos resultados! :)
    y que buena quedó tu About page!