I was born on the 2nd of July.
My mom told me I was born very fast, it looks like I was hurry to live. I was hurry to live until now and still I am, I think.
This year the day came well and I felt myself balanced and quiet, I wanted to celebrate it...
After loosing my friend in May, now, I just want to live and enjoy every single moment of my life even more..
I want to be more kind and to have a bigger heart, to be merry and smile, to laugh, to wear bright clothes, to adorn my home, to go to the cinema and to eat sweet pop-corn, to run, to dance, to sing, to give hugs, to kiss, to love, to celebrate this life...this fragile miracle...

soap bubbles - pompa de sabó
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Soap bubbles are magic - aren't they? So beautiful and fragile, like life is...