I was born on the 2nd of July.
My mom told me I was born very fast, it looks like I was hurry to live. I was hurry to live until now and still I am, I think.
This year the day came well and I felt myself balanced and quiet, I wanted to celebrate it...
After loosing my friend in May, now, I just want to live and enjoy every single moment of my life even more..
I want to be more kind and to have a bigger heart, to be merry and smile, to laugh, to wear bright clothes, to adorn my home, to go to the cinema and to eat sweet pop-corn, to run, to dance, to sing, to give hugs, to kiss, to love, to celebrate this life...this fragile miracle...

soap bubbles - pompa de sabó
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Soap bubbles are magic - aren't they? So beautiful and fragile, like life is...


  1. Happy birthday! Wishing you many more years to enjoy the soap bubbles:-)

  2. Muchísimas felicidades, me encanta el cambio de look, te queda genial.
    A ver si me animo y este veranito nos vemos por las playas o los chiringuitos de la roqueta.

  3. happy b-day ! Hope you will find some spare time this summer to enjoy all the things you like and lover so much.

    1. Happiest of birthdays! Your photos are gorgeous and capture your love of life and your intention to live each day fully.

  4. it's all about enjoying the moment.. ♥ ..and making the moment count.
    all the best~