Last days of summer


I pick some algae on the beach. I'll use them in the pit-firing. IMG_4361_1 IMG_4378_1 IMG_4391_1
Sweeeeet babe! :) IMG_4418_1
Sweeeet babes! :* IMG_4461_1
Oh, those two!!!! IMG_4433_1

Picking-pebbles-obsession :) IMG_4463_1

I made a bangle with names of my kids for myself.  Sincerely, sometimes I see it showy and sometimes I just like it... IMG_4478_1

I think it could be also cool with a phrase or a short message... I think, I'll set up a customizable listing for custom bangles in my shop.

Ceramic bangle with custom message


Stone wall - you'll see them everywhere on Mallorca. before these walls have been made without mortar. The technique is called "pedra seca" - "dry stone". "Dry stone structures are stable because of their unique construction method, which is characterized by the presence of a load-bearing façade of carefully selected interlocking stones." (from Wikipedia) And still now you can find plenty of authentic dry stone walls and talaiots - Bronze age megaliths constructed with the same technique here on the island.

IMG_4467_1 IMG_4496_1


Orange tuesday

It's quiet windy today. It's still warm, but windy.
Today I saw something like this when I opened the door in the morning..
I remembered the Orange friday two years ago....
So beautiful, this plant made us a floral offering again....
A really nice way to begin the day...
Orange morning

Orange color is dominating in my studio today too.
I made 4 small tribal necklaces: my handmade clay beads and leather.
Similar but different.
Already in the shop.

Another thing which has brightened up my day today is- my friend Lorena has been featured in Etsy blog!
Such a joy! I love so much her work! Congratulations, Lorena! :)))
 Read a brilliant interview with her here>>


Do you "Hello Etsy"?!

Will you pasrticipate in the conference about "Small business in a big world" organized by Etsy which takes place in Eindhoen, Holland on the 27th of October?
I do! ;)
I'm SO excited!
I'm sure it will be a great experience! Yay! :D
I will be in Eindhoven on the 26th in the morning and I flight back home on the 29th, so I'll have some time to walk around on the Dutch Design week stands as well and to stare at all things beautiful :) Yeah!
I feel little bit worried to leave all my babes at home, but I think I need this escape which will be fun and enriching for sure.
See you at Hello Etsy, eh? :)


Studio update

Inbetween of "back to school" of Rita and Arnau and other things it seems like not, but yes, I worked in my studio a lot. Preparing pieces for a new pit-firing session I wanna fire in our garden, and making beads from new cherry-red color clay. I can't wait to see all the new pieces finished! IMG_4288_1

Chain and a tiny plate.
Really very tiny... It will be an exciting place to keep rings or a very cool plate for an aperitive...
IMG_4087_1 IMG_4161_1
Beads and plates.

One day I painted my hand with henna...
Sometimes I think about to make a tattoo, but it is not that easy for me to find the motive I'd wear all my life...


Bubbles form chains

Bubbles born...and form chains of bubbles...
IMG_2272_1 IMG_4049_1
At first I didn't know how to finish the chains and finally I found this amazing sterling silver chain - fine, elegant and airy. The fun thing is that the length of the necklace is adjustable and also the chain can be worn separatly. 3 in one ;)
IMG_3964_1 IMG_4041_1 IMG_3978_1 IMG_3999_1 IMG_4059_1
Longer chain consists of 36 interconnected bubbles and it is finished with a shorter chain which can be worn as a bracelet as well!
I love the combination of textures of silver and rough clay!

These days I wear all the time this chain with one single ceramic bubble and it's exciting to hear how it jingles softly running on the chain...
All this exciting stuff will be available in my shop soon!


First walnuts

IMG_3843_1 IMG_3846_1 IMG_3854_1 IMG_3858_1 IMG_3859_1 IMG_3872_1 IMG_3877_1 IMG_3875_1

Autumn is approaching